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sit-on-top kayak / inflatable / recreational / sea



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    sea, recreational

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The YAKKAir HP range is a true revolution in inflatable kayaks with the combination of a keel and a high-pressure inflatable hull/floor to maximise the V shape and with it the kayak’s overall performance.

YAKKAir HP kayaks are lighter, perform better and give a more comfortable ride than conventional inflatable kayaks. Wind drag/resistance is reduced and they are easier to steer at sea, giving them a performance equal to that of existing rigid designs.

The principle behind these highly innovative inflatables lies in their use of multiple materials to help reduce weight, plus the use of a keel and bottom section inflated to high pressure to give the hull a superbly efficient V shape. Result : the YAKKAir HP and Nomad HP are light weight and high performance boats with the advantage of pack-down and storage into a compact carry bag.
This means you can get to further flung and less accessible spots much more easily.
The YAKKAir HP1 & HP2 come equipped with backrests and footrests. YAKKAir HP kayaks can be fitted with flexible deck cover to keep splash water out, without any hindrance to movement or safety.