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inflatable kayak / sea / touring / flatwater



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  • Intended use:

    sea, touring, flatwater

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The Nomad HPs use the same concept that was so successful on the YAKKAir HP, with a high pressure inflatable keel and bottom section of the hull, together creating a dynamic and high performance hull shape, all at a feather weight and giving an excellent paddle position. As for performance, the Nomad HP benefits from a higher bow section, extended length, and a flexible decking system giving better internal protection.

With its innovative decking system, the Nomad HP3 is a true sea kayak, ideal for longer double paddling excursions, and featuring a large storage area for carrying equipment. It also makes it more viable for the more challenging conditions you find in cooler seasons. Take out the decking and the HP3 becomes a vast, stable, top-performing family 3-seater. The Nomad HP1 is a solo kayak with the same features as the HP3 (higher bow section, flexible decking...) giving you the same level of paddle-comfort and protection for more extended solo trips.

The Nomad HP1 & HP3 come equipped with backrests and footrests.