expedition super-yacht / explorer / flybridge / steel
B 115 Bering Yachts



  • Intended use:


  • Style:


  • Deck layout:


  • Material:


  • Hull type:

    displacement hull

  • Below-deck configuration:


  • Length:

    115'00" (35.05 m)


The Bering 115 Expédition Yacht has been designed to be a superb transoceanic yacht, ready to take on the
heaviest of seas with grâce and efficiency due to her tall bow profile, providing the requisite buoyancy to rise
up and over approaching swells. Her "expeditionary" profile is due to this bow profile as well as the Portuguese
bridge and pilothouse, features that contribute to her functionality as well as aesthetics. The Bering 115 is every
bit as capable as she looks and with her enormous fuel capacity she can travel well over 6,000 nautical miles
with full tanks.
The interior of the Bering 115 is truly cavernous! Her 30’ (9 métrés) beam is considerably wider than most of her
peers. This immense beam provides spacious living quarters above and below deck even with the port and
starboard side decks which make for safer and more convenient handling of docking and mooring lines. While
specific layout détails are atthe discrétion of the owner, the saloon typically features a large settee and several
seating arrangements on the aft starboard saloon wall with a coffee table and freestanding furniture inboard.
A dining table perfect for entertaining large groups is situated in the forward portion of the saloon. This
séparation of seating areas allows groups to spread out while socializing in the saloon area.