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Private hovercraft
E2 ASV Australia


  • Type:


  • Length:

    3.57 m (11' 8")


The e2 is a fully amphibious hovercraft capable of carrying up to four adults and on any surface is like nothing on earth.

From vast tidal regions, meandering estuaries, hard ground surfaces, snow fields, marshes and mangrove swamps, the e2 provides you with the exhilaration of skimming from land to water, gliding along with no ground contact for interference or spinning through 360 degrees - a new dimension in freedom.

The ASV e2 hovercraft assures confidence in its' reliability, integrity, durability and operating efficiency. Its' performance and versatility are unsurpassed.

Either for use as survey, patrol, search and rescue, joy-ride or simply transport, The e2's features make it the ultimate all terrain vehicle.


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