hydro-jet inflatable boat / RHIB / dual-console / fiberglass
Amphibious RIB Boat 6.1 ASIS BOATS



  • Motor type:


  • Hull type:


  • Deck layout:


  • Materials:


  • Number of places:

    9-person max.

  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    6.1 m (20'00")


The amphibious range consists of motorised, retractable and steerable wheels, which at the push of a button can be lowered to allow for water to land transfer enabling enthusiasts to drive the boat to their waterfront property without the need for trailers.

This boat will be the first amphibious craft every manufactured in the GCC and the first RIB in the world to have a jet drive coupled with its amphibious capacity.

The Sealegs system consists of motorised, retractable and steerable wheels, powering the boat with off-water capabilities.

Once fitted with the amphibious technology Sealegs, any ASIS RHIB will be able to be driven out of the water without any hassle. This ASIS Amphibious boat is the first of many, made in the GCC for worldwide sales.

And what a remarkable craft this ASIS is. With the touch of a button, you can raise and lower the wheels, allowing you to drive straight in or out of the water. No backing trailers into the sea, just load your passengers from the safety of dry land, and away you go