all-wheel steering travel lift / remotely controlled / amphibious
ATS Ascom S.p.A



  • Specifications:

    all-wheel steering, remotely controlled, amphibious

  • Carrying capacity:

    Min.: 25 t (27.6 us ton)

    Max.: 1,000 t (1,102.3 us ton)


ATS is the amphibious version of the Travel Lift - Boat Hoist, conceived for a better exploitation of existing slipways, above all when local Authorities do not allow new finger piers construction or, when the cost of renewal of an existing slipway is cheaper than building new finger piers.

Ascom is the Manufacturer that has the biggest know-how on such lifting equipment, based on international references.

Main ATS Travel Lift - Boat Hoist features are:

. Special paint and painting preparation
. Special sealed components for under water works
. All traction wheels
. Main components over the water line (engine winches and so on)
. Standard gradeability of the slipway = 8 % (but we achieved 14%)
. Standard ATS Travel Lift - Boat Hoist lifting capacity range is from 25 to 1000 t (metric).