sailboat furler / headsail / electric / through-deck



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    for sailboats

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EJF takes origin from a combination between technology and design. Sailing technology is all the more evolving towards the use of reliable, well performing high quality motorized mechanisms. Bamar presents this new line of electric furlers granting unique performances, such as higher torque, very low maintenance, simple installation, which improve safety and comfort onboard. The reversible furling operation is based on a high performing epyciclical mechanism. Whereas the electromagnetic brake (E/M) grants its mechanical lock, both when the sail is completely furled in, and when it is only partly reefed.

Compact shape and reduced dimensions.
Unique and captivating design.
The lower fitting may rotate by 45° steps in order to adapt to any chain-plate type.
Made in either polished stainless steel type 316 or in high resistance hardcote anodized aluminium alloy.
ROD -17, -22, -30, -40
400W electric motor with E/M brake.
Very high mechanical performance (epcyclic system).
Intermitting torque: 200NM (peak torque: 300 NM).
Manual emergency clutch does not rotate when the system is electrically operated.
Weight: 26 kg s.s. version; 15 Kg aluminium version (without furling foils and halyard swivel).
Production exclusively made in our Workshop in Italy in conformity with ISO 9001:2008