Inboard electric motor


  • Type:


  • Power:

    Min.: 4 kW (5.36 hp)

    Max.: 40 kW (53.64 hp)


aquawatt offers one of the world’s most unique high powered electric marine propulsion systems for recreational boats to date.
We offer 3 phase AC motors from 10 to 28 kW for 96 V battery powered electric propulsion Frame size according to IEC 72 132 M (axial height 132 mm) 1500 to 2.200 rpm for 13 inch Propellers.

If you are looking for a real sustainable investment, this is the solution for any motor- or sailing boat. The huge advantage compared to a petrol or diesel engine is the high torque at all speeds and the variability of your power source. Traditional lead acid batteries, advanced lithium batteries, solar panels or even a gas- or diesel generator.
Your boat can be adapted to any new technology without the need of changing the main propulsion system.


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