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In-board electric motor
4,3 - 40 kW AquaWatt


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Advanced inboard electric propulsion systems with AC motors and digital motor controllers
4,3 - 40 kW , 48 V to 120 V DC power supply

Aquawatt offers one of the worlds most unique high powered electric marine propulsion systems for recreational boats to date. Instead of petrol smell or loud noise a high tech AC motor provides clean power with almost no maintenance and full thrust at all rotation speeds.

If you are looking for a real sustainable investment, this is the solution for any motor- or sailing boat. The huge ad-vantage compared to a petrol or diesel engine is the high torque at all speeds and the variability of your power source. Traditional lead acid batteries, advanced lithium batteries, solar panels or even a gas- or diesel generator.
Your boat can be adapted to any new technology without the need of changing the main propulsion system. This system will still be state of the art in ten or fifteen years!
Did you know? The worlds largest new cruise ships are equipped with electric engines!

The installation of any inboard motor system should be planned and executed by a boat builder. If this knowledge is not available, we recommend the use of our powerful outboard motors which can easily replace any petrol outboard engine. These high quality systems are produced individually. An option with two motors mounted in series for double power is possible as well as other tailor made adaptations for special requirements.

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