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rigid kayak / sea / expedition / long-distance
EXPLORER 565 Aquarius



  • Structure:


  • Intended use:

    sea, expedition, long-distance

  • Capacity:



A double expedition kayak. Universal, for kayaking in bigger rivers, lakes, and seas. It is great for long journeys, featuring a very large baggage space of total loading capacity of 140 l. Low floating resistance makes it easier to cover longer distances without getting tired.
Explorer 565 can be often spotted in kayak marathons and during long-distance races.
A classic flat bottom has been used in the hull structure characterised by a high lateral stability. Along the whole length of the bottom there is a keel that maintains the kayak’s straight course while maintaining high manoeuvrability.
The kayak has two baggage hatches (bow and stern). Fittings have been placed under especially profiled hollows in the deck.