Fixed pod electric motor
F30 Aquamot


  • Type:

    fixed pod

  • Power:

    3 kW (4.02 hp)


Type: F30
Power consumption: 3000W
Rpm: 2000
Voltage: 48VDC
Current: 68A
Efficiency: 92%
Weight: 20kg

* Quiet
* No vibration
* Self-contained system
* Emission-free
* No cyclic maintenance
* Variable speed control

The case of the drive consists of a sea resistant aluminum alloy with a six times high special coated surface. Inside there works a slip ringless electric drive, which has the highest power density. The oversized drive system and bearings are designed for a long life cycle. The powerful propulsion is a result of a high efficient propeller. Option: folding propeller with sacrificial anode

Speed control
The stepless one hand speed control consists of a central unit with fuses custom made power cables with battery ports and a keyswitch. The controller is controlled by a microprocessor. It shows an efficient diagnose, selfproofing, safety and protection function. Theres no need for any safeguards or emergency stop switch.

The mounting can be done very quick and easy. The mounting happens with spacer bolts made from stainless steel. The adjustment of the hull happens with a custom made tilt compensating plate, which also function as drilling template.


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