boat pod drive / steerable / electric
UF100 Aquamot



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    for boats

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Type: UF100
Power consumption: 10000W
Rpm: 2050
Voltage: 48VDC
Current: 225A
Efficiency: 94%
Weight: 40kg

* Quiet
* Low vibration
* Self contained system
* Emission-free
* No cyclic maintenance
* Patented suspension system

The case of the drive consists of a sea water resistant aluminum alloy with a six times high special coated surface. Inside there works a slip ring less electric drive, which has the highest power density. The powerful propulsion is the result of a high efficient brazen propeller. The case of the drive and the standard peen can also be used as rudder blade, through the dimensioning. The standard made cavitation slab prevents anti cavitation of air and then it enables a lower installation depth of the drive.

The suspension (head tube) must build in the hull, no parts have to be fitted to the stern. Additional the drive is adjustable at high and direction. Optional a patented sound absorbing suspension with double seal packs and maintenance free bearings and connection to a cable or hydraulic steering system is available.

Speed control
The step less one hand speed control consists of a central unit with fuses custom made power cables with battery ports and a key switch. The controller is controlled by a microprocessor. It shows an efficient diagnosis, self proofing, safety and protection function. Theres no need for any safeguards or emergency stop switch.