boat pod drive / steerable / electric
UF5 - 500W @ 24V Aquamot



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    for boats

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Type: UF5
Power consumption: 500W
Rpm: 1600
Voltage: 24VDC
Current: 28A
Efficiency: 85%
Weight: 13kg

* Quiet
* Low vibration
* Self-contained system
* Emission-free
* No cyclic maintenance
* Patented suspension system

The case of the drive consists of a sea water resistant aluminum alloy with a six times high special coated surface. Inside there works a low turning DC-PM electrical drive. The oversized drive system and bearings are designed for a long life cycle. The powerful propulsion is the result of a high efficient propeller.The case of the drive and the fin are usable as a rudder blade through the dimensioning. The integrated anode protects against corrosion.

The fixture of the drive unit (boat rudder gland) is assembled in the hull and therefore the stern is free for example an mounting of a boats ladder. Auxiliary the drive can adjust in height and orientation. Optionally it is a silenced, double-sealed suspension available.

Speed control
2-step switch (2 steps forward, 2 steps backward), or one-hand speed control, with infinite control over the entire speed range including a display