ship watermaker / for yachts / reverse osmosis
PLATIN SERIE Aquagiv watermakers



  • Application domain:

    for ships, for yachts

  • Type:

    reverse osmosis


With the aquagiv watermaker`s fully automated PLATIN-series you will not have to make any compromises any more. The operation is done with a water and impact-proof Infrared-touchscreen display, by pc or even from your smartphone via an optional wireless connection.

The in-house developed processor controll system monitors the salinity of the water during production, regulates the pressure during operation and flushes the system automatically after the operation and during the absence of the user.

The first service of DANFOSS high-pressure pump at the earliest after 8,000 hours of operation. An oil change is not necessary completely. By the way, the piston pump running noise and vibration poor.

The inhouse developed APM System guarantees a constant pressure and optimal performance of the high-pressure pump. The load of the electric motor is kept as low as possible thereby ensuring low-power consumption and low wear on the watermaker. Energy saving up to 50% compared to conventional watermakers possible.

The PLATIN SERIE is the only system on the market that has a speed-controlled high-pressure pump.