Brush oil skimmer / disc / sheltered waters
RBS TRITON™ 150 Aqua-Guard Spill Response


  • Type:

    brush, disc

  • Other characteristics:

    sheltered waters


RBS TRITON™ 150 oil skimming systems are versatile, ideal for use in protected and calm water environments and are able to recover 150 m³/h

The RBS TRITON™ 150 oil skimming system consists of three major components: the RBS TRITON™ 150 oil skimmer head with onboard positive displacement lobe pump, a diesel/hydraulic power pack, and hydraulic and oil transfer hose sets.

The system offers extremely high oil recovery rates with up to 98% efficiency and is able to respond to most oil spill needs.

Brush, disc and drum recovery modules can be easily interchanged in less than 5 minutes.

The marine grade aluminum and stainless steel construction ensure durability and long lasting service.


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