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stand-up paddle board paddle / recreational / entry-level / symmetrical
Spark 85 Aqua-Bound



  • Application domain:

    for stand-up paddle boards

  • Intended use:

    recreational, entry-level

  • Configuration:


  • Number of blades:


  • Material:

    polymer, aluminum

  • Other characteristics:



This entry-level paddle has a strong, epX engineered polymer blade and an aluminum shaft to help beginners get a feel for this sport. The Spark 85 weighs just 28.5 oz. and it is the most value-conscious SUP paddle in the Aqua-Bound lineup.

The Spark 85 is available as a 2-piece paddle in two adjustable lengths: 70-80 inches and 76-86 inches.

The Spark 85 is proudly made in Osceola, Wisconsin, USA.