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The Beam TranSAT Fixed Satellite Phone provides a complete hands-free voice and telephone for a wide range of mobile and fixed site applications where easy access to reliable voice and data communications is required.
The terminal provides a compact fully functioned user handset and supports both hands-free and privacy modes of operation, automatically switching between either mode with the handset in or out of the cradle.
The system can also be used as a permanent non hands-free solution simply by not connecting the microphone. The loud ring indication through the speaker system makes it an ideal installation in a noisy environment.
The RST620 is equipped with an RS232 serial data port to access Iridium data services.
Compact intelligent handset
Sturdy hang-up cradle
Compact Installation
Convenient serial data port
Private or hands-free mode
Echo Cancellation
Superior voice quality
10-32V DC power input
Tracking & Monitoring capable
Intelligent Processor & Interface
Support external ringer/light
Auxiliary & constant power
Fully Certified
Easy to install