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UTLD200A(Universal Tank Level Detector) APM TECHNOLOGIES (Dongguan) Co., Ltd



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  • Application domain:

    for boats

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    for storage tanks


Product Introduction:
The UTLD200A Universal Tank Level Detector collects the information of liquid level for the various tanks on a yacht, which are then transmitted to the MSI monitoring display device such as the MSP700 or MSP1500 through the NMEA2000 CAN Bus . The UTLD200A enables an intuitive display of liquid levels information on the Marine Smart Monitoring & Supervisory Panel, and allows for the alarm set points at the minimum or maximum liquid levels, thus ensure the automatic detection and alarm for the fuel and water during the navigation.

Application Field:
Used for centralized collecting and management of navigation information on the yacht.

Product Features:
● Support for NMEA 2000 communication protocol.
● Compatibility with fuel and water levels measurement.
● Suitable for use with all shapes' tanks.
● Compatible with the resistor type liquid level sensors of 0 Ω - 300 Ω(UTLD200).
● Support for three tank level sensors (UTLD200A)
● Support for resistance type sensor, voltage type sensor and current type sensor(UTLD200A) .
● Attractive aluminum outer case, lightweight and easy to install.