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LB25CI A.P. Diving

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LB25CI - Self-sealing 25kg Lift Bag with 0.4 litre Inflation Cylinder

Hi-viz self-sealing Lift Bag / Deco Buoy that can be inflated at depth using its own air supply - a 0.4 litre 232 bar mini-cylinder

The dedicated inflation cylinder saves your expensive mixed gas for the use it was intended rather than filling lift bags

The mini-cylinder is simply refilled by decanting from an air cylinder

The LB25Ci can also be inflated in the conventional manner by inserting a second stage into the mouth in the event that you have forgotten to fill the mini-cylinder or you need to top up the bag at depth

The LB25Ci is closed-ended with our unique duckbill baffle that seals shut on inflation to prevent air spillage at the surface

A dump/over pressure valve prevents over inflation and allows deflation after use

The mini-cylinder is available with either DIN or International A-clamp fitting