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Anhui Peida Ship Engineering

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tugboat tugboat


  • Length:

    31.5 m (103'04")


Length overall incl. fenders approx. 31.50m

Length waterline at design draft 30.80m

Breadth mid. 11.00m

Depth (mid) 6.10m

Draft design 4.60m

Fuel Oil 230,000 liters

Potable Water 58,000 liters

Ballast Water 52,000 liters

Lubricating Oil 4,300 liters

Hydraulic Oil 5,200 liters

Dispersant Tank 5,000 liters

Ahead speed during trials at 100% M.C.R. of the main engines: 12 knots

The bollard pull ahead at 100% M.C.R. of the main engines: 65 tons

Astern bollard pull at 100% MCR : 58.0 tons

Classification ABS +A1 Towing Vessel, Fire Fighting Vessel Class 1 + AMS & UWILD Notation