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Anhui Peida Ship Engineering

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  • Length:

    29.2 m (95'09")


Length overall (exclusive fenders): 29.20 m

Breadth MLD: 9.00m

Depth MLD: 4.00 m

Draft Designed: 2.80 m

Navigation area: Coastal Service

B. Tank capacity:

Fuel tank: 32 m3

Lubricating oil tank: 0.2 m3.

Fresh water tank: 8 m3.

Dirty oil tank: 1.0 m3 approximately

Water ballast tank: 15m3.

C. Height between decks, camber and sheer:

The clear height of cabins over the deck shall be no less than 2.1 m (at central line).

The deck’s camber: Main deck: 0.2 m

Other decks (exclusive of the raised aft deck and wheelhouse ceiling): proportional (it is based on the 0.2-meter-main deck).

D. Main engine: 4-stroke, single-acting, inter-cooling exhaust turbocharging, non-reversible diesel engine for ships.

Amount: Two.

Continuous power: 809kW(1100ps)×2.

E. Speed: About 11.0 Kn in case of normal situation, clean hull, deep and calm water, and rated rotation speed of main engine.

F. Pull: When the main engine runs at 100% continuous power, static bollard pull towing ahead ≥ 300 kN.