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trimaran / fast cruising / open transom
TC 627 Andaman Boatyard



  • Number of hulls:


  • Intended use:

    fast cruising

  • Deck layout:

    open transom

  • Length:

    6.3 m (20'08")


The TC 627 is designed as a performance boat that is both fast and fun to sail. Aimed at the niche between a beach cat and a sports boat. Being atrimaran, it is much more stable than a skiff, so high speed sailing can be enjoyed without the gymnastics of dinghy sailing. With various sail combinations it can be sailed safely in a variety of conditions. The boat can be easily demounted by two people and put on a trailer to take home. A fun high performance sailing trimaran designed for sailing excitement and trailerablility. The floats feature wave piercing shapes, retaining high buoyancy but still able to be demounted. The main hull has a small cuddy cabin for storage. Sailing can be done from the floats or cockpit. The pop-up rudders are in the floats, while the centerboard is central for reliable helm balance. The square top main is boomless for crew safety. Construction is in polypropylene honeycomb composite with option of foam composite.

6.27 m
Beam Sailing
3.7 m
300 kg
Mainsail Area
18 m2
Jib Area
7.3 m2
20 m2