Private hovercraft
VANGUARD 14 Amphibious Marine


  • Type:


  • Length:

    4.9 m (16' 1")

  • Passenger capacity:

    Min.: 3 unit

    Max.: 4 unit


We have redesigned our Vanguard hovercraft model to incorporate a 40hp engine. It can reach speeds of 40 mph, payload has been increased to 850 lbs, and it improves the crafts ability to handle head winds. The belt drive is designed to prevent any slippage, has improved efficiency, requires no re-tensioning, and eliminates the need for belt covers, simplifying maintenance. The idlers features a double sealed bearing for greatly improved service life over the old v-belt idlers.


14 X 7 (4.3m X 2.1m) cushion, 82ft2 (7.6m2) Length over all: 16 (4.9m). Cockpit space 82 X 50 (208cm x 127cm). Height: 6 9 (2.06m) off cushion. Cushion depth or hard clearance: 10.5 (26.7cm).


3-4 adults or 850 lbs (386 kg) payload, includes people, fuel and gear.

Empty weight

595 lbs (270 kg).


40mph (65 kph) maximum on water in flat calm conditions, 30mph (48 kph) cruise.

Fuel use

1.6 gallons (6 litres)/hour at cruise.

Hull material

Composite laminate, molded, epoxy vinyl ester resin, with glass fiber reinforcement and light weight cores . The craft is comprised of a hull, deck, and seven bulkheads all permanently bonded together. Three sealed compartments, front and rear provide 1500 lbs (680kg) of flotation. No wood is used in the construction of the craft.


Kohler ECV-980 40 hp (29.8kw) EFI, 4 stroke, V-twin, aluminum block, gasoline engine. 61 cubic inch displacement (1000 cu cm)

Drive system

The simple and reliable drive system uses a vertical shaft motor to drive the lift fan directly and the propeller via a single belt.


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