EXPLORER 22 - 7,30m 24' 0" Amphibious Marine


  • Length:

    7.3 m (24' 0")


The Explorer 22 TDI is the most efficient, cost effective, saltwater capable hovercraft on the market today. Operating on a pressurized cushion of air the vehicle leaves virtually no wake at normal operating speed as it flies 16 1/2 inches above the surface. The craft is powered with a Volkswagen Turbo diesel engine producing 85 hp. Unlike other designs you might see, this craft is capable of more payload and speed for a given amount of horsepower. This means reduced fuel consumption, less noise, lower initial cost and reduced operating cost. In fact some craft use two even three times as much horsepower while carrying less payload. The noise levels are similar to most inboard jet boats but lower than that of outboard jet motors. The 1600 pound payload is based on a deep water plane out with an added margin for wind or other adverse conditions. For example, a maximum plane out test will show about 2000 pounds payload. Payload includes people, fuel and gear. The empty weight of the craft is approximately 1750 pounds and the standard trailer weighs about 650.


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