ship radar / ARPA / with charts
AlphaChart River Alphatron Marine



  • Application domain:

    for ships

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  • Other characteristics:

    with charts


Navigis River has been the standard for inland navigation since many years. The standard on board of thousand (retrofitted and and new build) vessels. Reason? User friendly and easy to use navigation technology. The position of the vessel will be displayed on the chart by GPS. Everything that you might need for the purpose of navigation will be displayed on the chart. With a simple click of the mouse, one can call up extra information, which means that the chart will always provide a good overview. Extra information, such as course, speed, VHF channels, etc., will be displayed in a separate window. ‘River Information Services’, better known as RIS, is hot in the digital maritime world. It enables you (via an internet connection) to collect the water levels via the TRESCO RIS server and to process them into the chart. Furthermore, shipping messages and weather information are displayed on the chart.