Boat davit / counter-rotating
DK25-210 Almar


  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Type:



- crane jib up/down and rope movement in/out by hydraulic
- manual or hydraulic jib rotation
- flexible remote control
- no rope damage possible, due to hydraulic rope drawing-in
- basic material stainless steel, with special surface treatment

The ALMAR deckcrane product line was developed to lift dinghies and jet-ski onto the fly-bridge or bathing platfom. At this construction the ordinary winch has been redesigned and new methods have been applied. With this new rope system intwist or damages are impossible.

With a stable deck the installation is done with 6 screws onto the bottom plate. When connecting it with the fly-bridge it is necessary to use a counterplate with supporting tube to achieve utmost stability.


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