Cruising sailboat / aluminum / lifting keel
ALLURES 45 Allures Yachting


  • Intended use:


  • Materials:


  • Appendages:

    lifting keel

  • Length:

    13.98 m (45' 11")


Four key words have guided our work in designing this new model. Nearly seven years after the Allures 44, it is still innovation that enables us to further extend the yesterday compromises. For us, the Allures 45 represents the quintessence of the modern bluewater sailing yacht.

Center-boarder, Aluminum shaped hull, high-capacity of water and fuel, large sail-locker, integrated solar panels, technical-locker and waterproof bulkhead… The Allures 45 is definitely designed for long crossing and bluewater sailing with maximum autonomy and safety.

The wide and powerful hull, controlled by the profiled rudders (NACA), combined with a modern and powerful rig, take a large part in the boat performances and classify the Allures 45 at the top of its category. The accommodations and ergonomics are ideal for life at sea. The headroom and vast portholes provide a large volume of life on board and an exceptional living environment.

At sea or at anchorage, the Allures 45 is safe and comfortable.
Thoroughbred, strained and with contemporary lines, this boat has character. Because over reason a yacht still comes with passion, the Allures 45 has a distinctive elegance.


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