Cruising sailing yacht / aluminium / lifting keel / series
ALLURES 51 - 16,30m 53' 6" Allures Yachting


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    lifting keel

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The Allures 51 is a prestige yacht designed for true long-distance cruising.

The yachtsmen, famous and less well-known, who contributed to the development of the Allures 51 prepared an uncompromising set of specifications.They have been conceived around two key themes which correspond to the two essential aspects of life on board a yacht: Sailing and life on board.


-Maximum safety on impact and tear
-Deck layout and sail plan designed for short-handed sailing
-Shallow draught with ability to take the ground
-Good manoeuvrability even at low speeds or with centreboard raised.
-Ability to sail close to the wind and speed comparable to fin keel cruising -boats of the same size
-Pleasure of a helm that "talks to you"

Life on board:

-Seaworthy fittings which combine contemporary design and total respect of the rules of ergonomics
-Free circulation and multiplication of living areas
-Ability to integrate comfort factors (heating, air conditioning, freezer, washing machine etc).
-Large storage capacity
-Ease of maintenance

The pleasure of sailing without limits in complete safety aboard a yacht which is simple, lively, fast and elegant,


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