Boat transponder / class B / AIS
CAMINO-201 Alltek Marine Electronics Corp.


  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Function:

    AIS, class B


Approved by the BSH/CE/FCC/USCG, the CAMINO-201 Class B AIS Transponder sets a new standard for features, quality, performance, and price. With integrated GPS receiver, integrated AIS transponder, and integrated full-color display, it delivers a versatile and high-quality AlS transponder in one easy-to-install package.

Installation is easy with the CAMINO-201, simply connecting to antennas and power supply. No other devices are needed for its operation. It can work fully stand-alone. Yet it can also interface to external computer, chart plotter, or radar if necessary.

The CAMINO-201 is designed with simple structured menu tree which is very user friendly. To traverse this menu tree, switching main pages with key-pad is easy and quick. Important own vessel information is always shown on the screen for easy reference.


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