Outboard runabout / offshore
XS-2003 GRANDSPORT - 6,17m 20' 2" Allison Boats


  • Motor type:


  • Intended use:


  • Length:

    Nom Val: 6.17 m (20' 2")


Fifty + years of research and testing have developed the ultimate performance sport boat. Only Allison, with its patented design and world record experience could create such a masterpiece. Blistering speed, stability for skiing, room and comfort for five, and the best rough water ride of any 20 footer are all here in a package the whole family will treasure for years.

The XS-2003 GrandSport combines exclusive patented design concepts with materials more familiar to the aerospace industry. The result is the most efficient sport boat on the water. Owners report going twice the distance on a gallon of fuel. Space-age materials and building techniques make the exclusive no-rot construction a built-in feature of every Allison boat. Eighty plus M.P.H. is common with today’s 150 horsepower motors. Styled and engineered to be the last boat you will ever need to buy.


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