Inboard passenger boat / catamaran
M/V Spirit All American Marine


  • Motor type:


  • Number of hulls:


  • Length:

    71.7 ft (21.85 m)


The M/V Spirit is a 72′ Passenger Ferry which operates as a passenger-only ferry between Seattle and Bremerton. It is built by All American Marine, Inc. of Bellingham, Washington.

The M/V Spirit embodies the latest technology of a new breed of ferries designed to go fast but leave little wake. Pacific International Engineering, an Edmonds-based coastal consulting firm, is using the ferry for a research project that will examine whether fast foot ferries can run through Rich Passage without damaging shorelines.

Pacific International Engineering (PIE), based in Seattle, USA, received a grant from the Department of Transportation to study and make recommendations for hull designs that are environmentally sensitive, fuel efficient, and smooth riding that could run in the environmentally sensitive and politically charged Rich Passage.

As part of their study, PIE contacted All American Marine wanting to know if they could provide them with the raw data produced during the ‘Condor Express’ wake wash trials. After running the data through computer models and analyzing the results, PIE became convinced that hulls that meet the standards for Rich Passage are already in existence, and are now proposing that they use these funds on mitigating shore erosion in sensitive areas instead.


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