Commercial hovercraft / private / passenger / cruising
MARS-700 AKS-Invest


  • Type:

    commercial, private

  • Applications:

    passenger, cruising

  • Length:

    8.04 m (26' 5")

  • Passenger capacity:

    10 unit


MARS-700 is designed for all-year-round transportation of up to 7 passengers (+1 crew member), and it can land non-berth banks to load/unload passengers and travel over relatively smooth surfaces at ambient temperatures between -25°С (in fact, effective operation is possible at lower temperatures as well) and +40°С in any season. The hovercraft is perfect for all-season operation in various travel destinations, in fishery and hunting tours, as well as for cargo delivery, with particular efficiency in routes going through hard-to-reach places. The HOVERNETIC CJSC Design Bureau designs high-quality equipment, the reliability of which is acknowledged by our customers: regional departments of the Russian Emergency Ministry, Russian FSS Border Department, State Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, RusHydro OJSC, Transnefteprodukt OJSC, Russian Railways OJSC, German security agencies and private transportation companies from Finland, India and China.


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