wave windsurf board / quad-fin / twin fin



  • Intended use:


  • Fins:

    quad-fin, twin fin

  • Volume:

    83 l, 93 l (22 gal)


Set with a quad/twingle (very close to each other twin fins which associate the grip of a single fin to the manoeuvrability of multi fins), DG Wave boards are fast, precise and manoeuvrable!
Their « drive » complements exceptional capabilities in the curves.
Very stable when on the rail, this board allows any curve from the most precise to the most powerful. Its shape gives a totally safe feeling in curves, whatever the size of waves.
On the way out, or in on-shore winds, the twingle set-up grants the lift of a single fin – a guarantee for high speed at all wind angles – boosted by a double concave morphing into a deep single one on the aft two-thirds of the board.
A V forward grants excellent control and helps raise the front rails in order to never stall in front of the curve.
Added on a compact outline, these specific parameters craft a high capability wave board.

Compact outline
V forward, double concave, single concave aft
Round Pin Tail
Exclusive double Carbon Kevlar construction
Quad /Twingle fin set-up