slalom windsurf board / freerace

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slalom windsurf board / freerace slalom windsurf board / freerace - SL-2


  • Intended use:

    slalom, freerace

  • Volume:

    92 l, 112 l, 122 l, 132 l (24 gal)


Pascal and Diony have subtly amended the shape in order to increase « top-speed » performance.
Rails are now squarer.
On a shorter outline, the hull-bottom sports a long V and a progressive double-concave.
All this is meant to improve the board’s intrinsic speed.
The mast-foot position is sunk into the deck.
The new exclusive OSS Double Carbon Sandwich boosts performance while bringing further lightness and rigidity!
Cut-outs have made their way back and reduced wetted-surface when planing.

Long V and progressive double concave in the hull’s bottom
Square rails
Compact outline
Lowered down mast-foot