two-component filler / finishing
P-32 ADTECH Plastic systems - Cass polymers

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two-component filler / finishing two-component filler / finishing - P-32


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P-32 FIBER FILLED MARINE BOND & FILL PUTTY is a trowelable non-sag fiber filled polyester bonding/filler putty developed for use in the marine industry for the original manufacture of boats and other structures. The unique handling properties of P-32 make it a very desirable system over other putty types currently being used.

This system has a very low exotherm on cure and does not create shrink and bond lines in the finished parts. The material is so versatile that when used as supplied and catalyzed with DDM-9 Peroxide at 1.5% it results in a trowelable putty system with a work life of 15-20 minutes that quickly cures to hardness for efficient production use.

The off-white color of P32 is useful when adding colored DDM-9 catalyst; this color change in the mixture is highly visible which ensures thorough mixing of resin and catalyst. This feature prevents any soft spots or unmixed material being applied, thereby reducing any possible bond failure or weak spots after application.

P-32 bonds fiberglass to fiberglass, wood, metal and other substrates. The materials ability to fill and bond in a single application allows for increased productivity and higher quality bonds than previously available.