epoxy resin / laminating
865 FINALFAIR ADTECH Plastic systems - Cass polymers


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865 FinalFair Resin is a convenient, easy-to-use sprayable fairing compound to be used in conjunction with UltraFair 861. This two step process was developed to assist todays boat builders in fairing large areas of aluminum, steel, wood or fiberglass yachts. FinalFair 865 was developed for use as a final surface fairing over ADTECHs UltraFair 861. The white resin and pink hardener, when mixed together, create a positive mix indication when no streaks are observed. It exhibits excellent air release and is especially well suited to fairing porosity or minor surface imperfections. FinalFair 865 is ready to mix and spray. When cured, FinalFair 865 produces a strong, resilient, blush-free surface that is easy to sand and accepts virtually all types of primers and paints. FinalFair 865 is well suited to applications above or below the waterline. NOTE: FinalFair 865 is not recommended to be reduced greater than 15% with 850 Solvent. FinalFair 865 should never be applied directly to the surface or over any topcoats.