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PROBUILD MARINE ADTECH Plastic systems - Cass polymers


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ProBuild Marine Epoxy Systems are convenient, easy-to-use, 100% solids systems developed solely for building, repairing or restoring any type of marine vessel. The versatility of the ProBuild epoxy systems make them ideal for use in standard wet lay-up, vacuum bagging or resin infusion operations with a wide range of reinforcements. These systems can also be mixed with a variety of fillers for fairing, filleting or bonding applications. ProBuild marine epoxy systems consist of one base resin and a selection of four separate hardeners to suit your application needs. These systems are all mixed at convenient 3:1 volumetric mix ratios and can be metered through our calibrated push pumps or various types of dispensing equipment, which eliminates the need for scales or guesswork associated with other types of epoxy systems. In addition to the high strength and durability of the ProBuild epoxy systems, the low viscosity allows for better wet-out resulting in lighter, stronger, void-free parts without experiencing run out on vertical surfaces. The unique chemistry of the ProBuild systems provides maximum physical properties, reduces curing exotherm and minimizes blush, making these systems more trouble free than ever for the marine craftsman and architect. For long term performance and lower maintenance, try one of the ProBuild systems today.


Two component epoxy, clear low viscosity resin [4 hardener options]
14-125 Minute Work Life (depending upon chosen hardener)