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AdrenaFirst Offshore Adrena



  • Type:

    navigation, weather, routing

  • Application domain:

    for boats


In addition to navigation functions, AdrenaFirst Offshore software offers a complete and unique weather routing function.

Efficient but also friendly to use, it has been developed in the same line than AdrenaFirst. It is a simplified version of the very well known and validated Adrena routing module.

It calculates the best route avoiding the coast from the following settings ; date and place of departure, destination, boats speed polars and weather forecast.
Key features:
AdrenaFirst functions

Calculation of optimum route while automatically avoiding coastlines.
Display of wind conditions encountered throughout the route.
Summary table of the routing
Integration of the current into routing calculations
Load and display GRIB weather files.
Safety: exclusion of dangerous wind zones
Routing in 2 clicks: one click to launch the start, one click to the finish ... Take it easy, Adrena handles all the route planning!
Dual Routing: opportunity to combine two modes of propulsion in a routing calculation. The software offers the best way forward with periods of sailing and motoring, depending on the weather conditions. It also provides an estimate of fuel consumption.

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