single-handed sailing dinghy / children's / instructional / catboat
ASTRO ONE AB RE - ASTRO Barcelona Racing Equipment, SL



  • Crew:

    single-handed, children's

  • Use:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    2.3 m (7'06")


If you are a Sailing Teacher or you have a Sailing School, Astro ONE*, is the ideal starter for your child single-handed fleet but with race stiffness and performance..!

1) Optimization of learning hours:

-Minimum water-boarding when sailing: Beginners will focus on sailing, not bailing,
-Does not remains flooded after capsized: Can keep on sailing "non stop" after righting,
-Widder deck: Comfortable helming position that allows easy hiking with less effort,
-Sessions better used and by more sailors: Due to its bow design, you can lengthen the session with strong wind. The novice students now enjoy more running... ,
-Improved latent security in the training area: Improved fleet control, Lower dispersion, Few time helping to sailor, he is more autonomous to continue, do not get tired,
-The sailor acquires an unusual sureness that empowers his progress,
-Starting age can be lowered,
-Reduced number of dropouts..!

2) Standard Equipment:

-Same equipment for the entire fleet..! Daggerboard case supports both classic marine plywood school boards or ONE Design ones,
-School spars or race spars. You can use existing equipment, you choose ... ,
-School sail or race sail depending on the level of the sailor... ,
-Sail with reduced sail area optional,
-Simplified systems,
-Ready to sail in 5 minutes..!

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