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flybridge trawler - SWIFT 50

Resulting from a renewed collaboration between the Beneteau motorboat design office, the architect, Michel Joubert and the designer Pierre Frutschi, this new Swift...

flybridge trawler - SWIFT 44

Take command of the latest model of the Swift Trawler fleet and let the fragrance of...

flybridge trawler - SWIFT 34

Of attractive proportions, with a very sea-worthy hull,...

trawler - SWIFT 34 S

The Swift Trawler 34 S is the version without the steering station on the fly of the Swift 34.

flybridge trawler - Bering 50

Bering 50 is our first designed long-range trawler. Measuring 14.93 m in length, the steel motor-yacht is suitable for cruising, touring and family recreation. B 50 offers great flexibility of use. Its modest draft and bridge clearance allows you to explore undiscovered or difficult routes. Likewise, given its offshore capability and impressive tank capacities, B 50 can also make long-term...

flybridge trawler - Bering 50C

The Bering 50 C is the first motoryacht in the Yachtship Series. These yachts combine all of the seakeeping abilities of the Expedition series while bringing a modern "contemporary" look and feel to the design. This heavy displacement motoryacht, whose hull form takes design cues from the proven ocean going commercial trawler, excels in the areas that matter most: a sea-kindly motion in heavy...

flybridge trawler - 44' EUROPA

Specifications :

Length over all : 13.96 m (45.80 ft)
Hull length : 12.96 m (42.52ft)
Beam : 4.10 m (13.45 ft)
Bridge clearance : 3.43 m (11.25 ft)
Draft : 1,24 m (4.06 ft)
Displacement : 16 t



trawler - 48' EUROPA

Specifications :

- Length over all : 14,60m (48 ft)
- Hull length : 12,80m (41,99 ft)
- Beam : 4,50m (14,76 ft)
- Bridge Clearance : 4,20m (13,8 ft)
- Draft : 1,35m (4,49 ft)
- Displacement : 18,6t



flybridge trawler - 48'  EUROPA LBC


- Length over all : 14,60m (48 ft)
- Hull length : 12,80m (41,99 ft)
- Beam : 4,50m (14,76 ft)
- Bridge Clearance : 3,50m (11,48 ft)
- Draft : 1,35m (4,49 ft)
- Displacement : 18,6t


Sea going category: CE B / 16 People
Hard handmade laid moulded fibreglass, hull, deck, deckhouse, radar arch

trawler - 40' SUNDECK

Specifications :
- Length over all : 13,15m (40 ft)
- Hull length : 10,94m (36 ft)
- Beam : 3,87m (12,70 ft)
- Bridge Clearance : 3,90m (12.80 ft)
- Draft : 1,15m (3.77 ft)
- Displacement : 10,9t
Sea going category: CE B 6 people
Hard handmaid laid moulded fibreglass, hull, deck, deckhouse, radar arch
Polyurethane core sandwiched...

trawler - 44' SUNDECK

Specifications :
- Length over all : 13,55m (44 ft)
- Hull length : 11,58m (38 ft)
- Beam : 4,10m (13,45 ft)
- Bridge Clearance : 4,00m (13,15 ft)
- Draft : 1,15m (3,77 ft)
- Displacement : 14t

Sea going category: CE B / 6 people
Hard handmaid laid moulded fibreglass, hull, deck, deckhouse, radar arch
Polyurethane core...

trawler - HOLLANDAISE 1997

The 36' custom lobsteryacht Hollandaise, launched by Covey Island Boatworks in 1997, won a first-place blue ribbon for "Excellent New Powerboat" at that year's WoodenBoat Show at Mystic, Connecticut. The yacht was deigned...

flybridge trawler - ADAGIO 44


- Length over all : 14,12m (46,33 ft)
- Hull length : 13,38m (43,9 ft)
- Beam : 4,10m (13,45 ft)
- Bridge Clearance : 3,50m (11,48 ft)

flybridge trawler - ADAGIO 48


- Length over all : 14,60m (48 ft)
- Hull length : 12,80m (41,99 ft)
- Beam : 4,50m (14,76 ft)
- Bridge Clearance : 4,20m (13,8 ft)

trawler - 32

Length Overall (OAL) 36'-8.5" 11.19m
Length of Hull (Less Swim Platform) 32'-8" 9.96m
Beam (Max) 10'-6" 3.25m

trawler - 37

Length Overall (LOA) 41'-11" 12.78m
Length of Hull (LH) 37'-6.5" 11.44m
Beam (Max) 12'-4" 3.76m
Draft 2'-8" 0.81m
Displacement ...

trawler - 40

There are few boats so uniquely qualified to take two people and their guests around the world as comfortably and as economically as the Nordhavn 40. Strong, rugged and handsome in a no-nonsense way, her...

trawler - 43

In 1999, P.A.E.’s naval architect, Jeff Leishman, again made the boating world take notice with the successful launch of the innovative Nordhavn 40, a small, mighty ship that soon proved its remarkable capabilities. In 2002, a stock Nordhavn 40 completed a 26,000-mile circumnavigation in less than 26 weeks...

flybridge trawler - 47

Nordhavns have been setting records since the very first N46 was launched in 1989. Indeed, more Nordhavns have made successful ocean passages and global circumnavigations than all other production powerboats combined. In 2002, a Nordhavn 40 completed a 26,000-mile circumnavigation in less than 26 weeks...

trawler - TRAWLER 36

The Rhea 36 Trawler is the latest addition to the Rhéa-Marine Trawler range. With its elegant lines and classic...

trawler - TRAWLER 43

With an overall length of 13.1 metres and two passenger cabins, the RHEA 43 Trawler allows you to sail around the world in...

trawler - TRAWLER 47

Boasting excellent autonomy and a comfortable passenger compartment, the Rhéa 47 Trawler is an authentic long-range voyager. With outstanding...

trawler - NT 26

Introduced 30 years ago and last produced in 1997, the Nordic Tug 26 is back by popular demand. While we’ve modified her to take advantage of advances in technology, she remains true to her roots, and her...

trawler - NT 34

If you're looking for a trawler to fulfill your quest for adventure, look no further than the Nordic Tug 34. It's spacious enough to sleep two couples comfortably and features a roomy salon and galley for entertaining,...

trawler - NT 39

The forerunner of a new generation, the Nordic Tug 39 combines advanced design and technology with legendary performance and master craftsmanship.

The Nordic Tug 39 features a thoughtfully designed pilothouse with a large command console that accommodates an array of advanced electronics. The helm is complemented...

trawler - NT 42

With her luxurious appointments, remarkable seaworthiness and rugged construction, few trawler-style yachts available today can match up to the Nordic Tug 42.

Her long list of thoughtful amenities were developed with the active cruiser in mind....

flybridge trawler - 39'

EVERY GENTLE MILE WILL MAKE YOU GLAD YOU FELL IN LOVE WITH THE CRUISING LIFE. A functional yet elegant trawler yacht that is ideal for couples or single-handers, and their occasional guests, The Krogen 39' is perfectly suited for coastal cruising, long distance voyages and countless adventures. Islands, oceans, rivers, straits, canals—name your...

flybridge trawler - 44' AE

HIGHLIGHTED BY A NEW GALLEY LAYOUT AND A MORE GENEROUSLY SIZED FLYBRIDGE, the newest Kadey-Krogen model, the Krogen 44' AE, is built on and inspired by the success of the Krogen 48' AE introduced in 2011. The new Krogen 44' AE replaces the Krogen 44', which had 26 hulls launched and was itself a breakthrough model that...

wooden trawler - CZARINNA 30

She is a very traditional looking yacht with a plumb bow and a fantail stern forming the ends of an easily driven hull. Her forward pilothouse meshes nicely with a large beamy main salon aft...

wooden trawler - BLACK CROWN 30

We have over the past 20 years built our Black Crown design in many, many flavors, from 25ft. to 32ft in lengths and now offer the full building plans for home construction the distillation of all our experience with the design and what she has to offer.


wooden trawler - CZARINNA 35

The image of a traditional fantail cruising yacht is one of classic grace and charm, style and comfort. Combine those ingredients with modern technology and the result is the Czarinna 35, the perfect marriage...

wooden trawler - GOLLY WOBBLER 38

Here is a power trawler of a size large enough to spend a lot of time on cruising or even living aboard yet handy enough so that a couple can easily handle her in any conditions she might encounter. With a high visibility pilothouse and a covered after deck, it's clear to see her Northwest heritage. This...

custom trawler - KOKANEE 38

The "Kokanee 38" is one of the latest building projects of Devlin Designing Boatbuilders and she is a real beauty! She is a large, heavy-duty version of a type that we have built many times and is an absolutely wonderful cruiser for her owners. They have cruised the "Ellie K" from the...

flybridge trawler - PILGRIM 40

For the Lover's of a Classic Motor Yacht, The Pilgrim 40 has won many hearts. This fine Canadian vessel was first created by H. (Ted) Gozzard, the designer, on a place mat in a Peterborough, Ontario restaurant. The concept was created for a friend as an ideal...

flybridge trawler - 41 MY

LOA: 41' - 6''
LWL: 38' - 6''
BEAM: 14'...

flybridge trawler - 320

The original Corvette 320 is truly a unique family cruiser. Never has so much performance and living space been offered in a 32-foot boat. Ideal for a cruising family with children or a couple with frequent guests, its two-stateroom, two-head accommodations plan provides a level of comfort and privacy found only on much larger boats. And while its traditional, salty good looks may have...

flybridge trawler - 340

The all-new Corvette 340 has been successfully launched, and it has exceeded our expectations! Initial readings indicate a top speed of close to 24 knots with its standard Yanmar 315 hp diesel engines. The first 340 was shipped to the UK in the spring of 2010, and the first 340 arrived in the U.S. in September 2010. Click here to see our newest photos.

The original 320...

flybridge trawler - IP440

The 2013 IP440 merges the styling from the new IP535 with the proven performance and livable spaces of the IP435. In addition to the 1 stateroom/1 head & 1.5 stateroom/1.5 head versions (identical layouts to the IP435s), is...

flybridge trawler - IP485

The Island Pilot IP485 fills the void between our successful IP435 and the newer IP535. Sized just right for family cruising, she expands from both her older sisters.

Accommodations: She has 3 staterooms (2 doubles and a convertible study) and 2 full heads below, each with a stall shower. The study can be customized to become a part...

custom trawler - JACK LONDON

This beautiful motor yacht in style of old tug boats was built in shipyard for an Italian customer. It guests up to 6 passengers and features...

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