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3 products Azimut
video Azimut 45
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (3 cabins) 45 - 13,78m    45' 3" Azimut

It just takes one look. They say, a picture says a thousand words. This is certainly...

video Azimut MAGELLANO 43
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (3 cabins, explorer) MAGELLANO 43 - 13,63m    44' 9" Azimut

MAGELLANO 43. EVERYTHING YOU COULD ASK FOR IN A YACHT. It has the autonomy and the perfect seaworthiness to accompany you on long crossings under any sea conditions. It offers the comfort of 3 cabins...

video Azimut 40
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (2 cabins) 40 - 12,24m    40' 2" Azimut

All of the technological solutions and elements of comfort, style...

2 products Carver
video Carver C40
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser C40 - 12,14m    39' 10" Carver

New for 2013, the C40 is built for discerning yachting enthusiasts who appreciate...

video Carver C34
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser C34 - 10,82m    35' 6" Carver

The new Carver C34 is the essence of a Carver Yacht, merging durability and space with modern convenience and efficient design. This exciting...

1 products Fairline
video Fairline SQUADRON 50
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser SQUADRON 50 - 14,97m    49' 1" Fairline

Compare the sheer amount of intelligent, usable space this new Squadron has to offer over yachts of similar size, and you begin to appreciate its truly innovative nature. To...

video Bénéteau Motorboats ANTARES 36
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser ANTARES 36 - 10,32m    33' 10" Bénéteau Motorboats

Intended for cruising, the Antarès 36 offers very spacious living...

video Bénéteau Motorboats ANTARES 30
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser ANTARES 30 - 10,21m    33' 6" Bénéteau Motorboats

The Antares 30 features all the seafaring qualities on which the...

1 products Rodman
new video Rodman 44
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (IPS POD) 44 - 13,60m    44' 7" Rodman

The Rodman MUSE 44 has become a best seller since it was launched in November 2007. Thanks to its design and performances,...

video Meridian Yachts 341 SEDAN
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser 341 SEDAN - 10,90m    35' 9" Meridian Yachts

While many cruising yachts less than 40 feet in length are best-suited to overnight or weekend stays, Meridian’s 341 Sedan has redefined the class by providing the comfortable accommodations and extra...

video Meridian Yachts 391 SEDAN
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser 391 SEDAN - 12,50m    41' 0" Meridian Yachts

Knowing that some family cruisers look like minivans, Meridian designed its 391 Sedan to bring the styling and performance of a sportscar to the class without losing any practical features. This attractive...

video Meridian Yachts 441 SEDAN
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser 441 SEDAN - 14,30m    46' 11" Meridian Yachts

In designing the new 441 Sedan, Meridian’s team of naval architects developed a new hull, deck, bridge and shearline. This all new design features a more aggressive profile and new hull-side windows for...

2 products Astondoa
video Astondoa 44 FLY
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (IPS POD) 44 FLY - 13,20m    43' 4" Astondoa

Technical sheet 1. ENGINES Standard: 2 X volvo IPS 500-D5-370D-E Optional: 2 X volvo IPS 600-D6-435D-E 2. SPEED* Maximun speed: 33 Nudos Cruising speed: 25 Nudos 3....

video Astondoa 52 FLY
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser 52 FLY - 15,22m    49' 11" Astondoa

Technical sheet 1. ENGINES Standard: 2 X cummins QSC 8,3-600 HP Optional:2 X volvo IPS 800-D11-600HP 2. SPEED* Maximun speed: 30 Kn. Cruising speed: 25 Kn 3. RANGE* At...

2 products Cruisers
video Cruisers 415
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser 415 - 13m    42' 8" Cruisers

The 415 Express Motoryacht is the premier example you’ll find afloat of spaciousness married...

video Cruisers 455
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser 455 - 13,90m    45' 7" Cruisers

The irony of yachting is the unbridled freedom of the water in a boat that can feel confining. Not so in...

1 products Faeton
video Faeton F-360
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser F-360 - 10,70m    35' 1" Faeton

The new Faeton 360 was unveiled in the Salón Náutico de Barcelona as a novelty for the 2008-09 season. Available...

video Jeanneau - Motorboats VELASCO 43
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (2 cabins) VELASCO 43 - 13,70m    44' 11" Jeanneau - Motorboats

With the VELASCO 43, Jeanneau takes an innovative new direction in the world of flybridge motor yacht design. Inspired by larger yachts, the VELASCO 43 makes a strong personal statement on the exterior,...

video Jeanneau - Prestige 500
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (IPS POD) 500 - 15,20m    49' 10" Jeanneau - Prestige

Winning this coveted award for the PRESTIGE 500 further confirms the success of the new PRESTIGE brand: This new model for 2011, first launched...

video Jeanneau - Prestige 450
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (IPS POD, 2 cabins) 450 - 13,96m    45' 10" Jeanneau - Prestige

IN THE WAKE OF THE PRESTIGE 500! The Prestige 450 take all the elements that made the success...

video Jeanneau - Prestige 400
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (2 cabins) 400 - 12,15m    39' 10" Jeanneau - Prestige

A new style of Prestige, with the interior open to the sea and an impressive living space,...

2 products Sessa Marine
video Sessa Marine FLY 40
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser FLY 40 - 12,30m    40' 4" Sessa Marine

After the launch of its FLY45 in September, SESSA MARINE brings its successful receipt on a 40 feet! Thanks to its big experience...

video Sessa Marine FLY 47
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (IPS POD, 2 or 3 cabins) FLY 47 - 14,27m    46' 10" Sessa Marine

The SESSA FLY 47 is a true turning point in this segment of the market. Rather than calling it a SPORTY FLYBRIDGE, SESSA introduces the concept of the ADVANCED OPEN YACHT for its...

4 products Silverton
video Silverton 43 SPORT BRIDGE
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (IPS POD, sport) 43 SPORT BRIDGE - 13,23m    43' 5" Silverton

The 43 Sport Bridge is a yacht to earn the admiration of all who see her, in ports of call beyond the horizon or the farthest reach of the river. The 43 Sport Bridge has the power, in her standard twin...

video Silverton 38 SPORT BRIDGE
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (sport) 38 SPORT BRIDGE - 12,17m    39' 11" Silverton

You will be surprised by the 38 Sport Bridge’s spaciousness as you enter through the stylishly curved salon door into a luxurious cherry-accented cabin, with large opening and screened windows. The convertible...

video Silverton 39 MOTOR YACHT
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser 39 MOTOR YACHT - 13,28m    43' 7" Silverton

Whatever Your Idea of a Perfect Day,She Is ‘As You Like It’ Some insist that the true measure of a motor yacht’s worth is the dimensions of her flybridge, sundeck, and covered aft deck....

video Silverton 35 MOTOR YACHT
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser 35 MOTOR YACHT - 12,25m    40' 2" Silverton

Few boats of this class look as fast as our 35 Motor Yacht.And with a pair of 8.1-L Crusader (or optional diesel) engines driving her, her international flair and racy style is not deceiving. The 35...

video Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts CUMBERLAND 47 LC
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran, 3 or 4 cabins) CUMBERLAND 47 LC - 13,95m    45' 9" Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts

With her impeccable hull lines, exceptional long range, with a light-filled and comfortable interior, we have made the CUMBERLAND 47 LC the indisputable reference for cruising catamarans. We have incorporated...

video Anytec Boats AB 1230 CAB
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser 1230 CAB - 12,30m    40' 4" Anytec Boats AB

With its length of 12,3 meters the Anytec 1230 CAB is not just our biggest and strongest boat but also a combination of design, construction and functionality when it’s at its best. Regardless of...

2 products Dellapasqua DC
video Dellapasqua DC DC 11 SL
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (1 cabin) DC 11 SL - 12,71m    41' 8" Dellapasqua DC

The aesthetic renovation of the DC11 is evident in the exteriors and in the carefully planned interiors: new and racier window system, such as the fibreglass roll bar. No changes in the consolidated and...

video Dellapasqua DC DC 12 SL
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (3 cabins) DC 12 SL - 13,30m    43' 8" Dellapasqua DC

The Dellapasqua classic style has an unmistakable design: the line of the deckhouse is soft, highlighted by the cutting of the side windows, and the deep-V-shaped bottom adds an excellent seaworthiness...

video Leopard Catamarans 39PC
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) 39PC - 11,76m    38' 7" Leopard Catamarans

The Leopard 39 Powercat is an innovative, efficient and spacious yacht that takes the best features from the popular Leopard 47 Powercat to bring you an exciting midsize catamaran...

1 products Aquanaut
1 products Belliure
video Belliure BELLIURE 46 MY
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser BELLIURE 46 MY - 14,43m    47' 4" Belliure

This New model, whose distribution of cabins is the same of the models 40 and 44, nevertheless it changes into the saloon and pilot house increasing in space and comfort with a new design of principal...

2 products Carnevali
video Carnevali 130
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (3 cabins) 130 - 13m    42' 8" Carnevali

The success of Carnevali 130 doesn’t stop: it is technological, cheap, charming, and it has become a steady point of Carnevali production. Now it is available in two different versions, with two or thee...

video Carnevali C145
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (3 cabins) C145 - 14,50m    47' 7" Carnevali

Carnevali 145 carries on and overcomes the success of its well-known precursor 140. Carnevali 145 is built using the most advanced technologies available, with innovations in style of the very highest...

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