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video Leopard Catamarans 39PC
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) 39PC - 11,76m    38' 7" Leopard Catamarans

The Leopard 39 Powercat is an innovative, efficient and spacious yacht that takes the best features from the popular Leopard 47 Powercat to bring you an exciting midsize catamaran...

2 products Glacier Bay
Glacier Bay 3470
motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) 3470 - 11,43m    37' 6" Glacier Bay

The 3470 Express Cruiser broadens your horizons with big sea-keeping ability and creature comforts of much larger cruisers. Yet, with outboard power and speed, the 3470 can run with the big offshore sport...

Glacier Bay 3480
motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) 3480 - 11,46m    37' 7" Glacier Bay

The stylish and versatile 3480 is designed for extended cruises and offshore fishing expeditions. By enclosing the helm deck with wrap around windows and hardtop, the salon area becomes a big indoor/outdoor...

new aventure catamaran AVC 48.50
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) AVC 48.50 - 14,76m    48' 5" aventure catamaran

This new 48.50ft Passagemaker Catamaran has 3 master cabins en suite, a single level saloon and large galley/bar, (dining table and chairs optional) allowing...

video Flash Catamarans 43
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) 43 - 13,20m    43' 4" Flash Catamarans

Discover all the pleasure that awaits you on board of our Flashcat 43, a ship that redefines power catamaran concept, transforming navigation in a...

video Flash Catamarans 47
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran, 4 cabins) 47 - 14,05m    46' 1" Flash Catamarans

The catamaran Flashcat 47 is the new model that Flash Catamarans presents the market as a result of experience with previous models. This spectacular catamaran has a new helmet with more than 1.5m overall...

Jaguar Catamarans International JC48
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran, 3 or 4 cabins) JC48 - 14,47m    47' 6" Jaguar Catamarans International

PRINCIPAL DEMENSIONS Length overall (incl. pulpit): 14.47m Length hull Platform to stem: 14.43m Waterline Length 13.73m Beam 6.828m Displacement (half load) approx 19.5 tonnes Fuel capacity 1500 litres Water...

4 products LeisureCat
new video LeisureCat 9000 KINGFISHER EXPRESS
sport-fishing motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) 9000 KINGFISHER EXPRESS - 9,65m    31' 8" LeisureCat

The all-new LeisureCat 9000 Kingfisher Express, like the Kingfisher, is the culmination of discussion and requests by you, the fisherman and rescue groups. It has a wide beam (3.1m), wide hulls capable...

video LeisureCat 9000 KINGFISHER
sport-fishing motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) 9000 KINGFISHER - 9,95m    32' 8" LeisureCat

The all-new LeisureCat 9000 Kingfisher is the culmination of discussion and requests by you, the fisherman and rescue groups. It has a wider beam (3.1m), wider hulls capable of comfortably taking diesel...

sport-fishing motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) 350 SPORTCRUISER - 12,29m    40' 4" LeisureCat

Coming soon, the new LeisureCat 350 Sportscruiser has added comfort throughout and gives excellent all-round performance. With its sleek superstructure, large deck areas, both fore and aft, and the enclosed...

sport-fishing motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) 50 SPORTS EXPRESS - 12,80m    42' 0" LeisureCat

The 350 LeisureCat Sports Express replaces the 350 Deepwater model. It is larger in every respect It is a powerful workhorse ideal for all types of commercial charter fishing and diving, but with all...

1 products PILDNE
new PILDNE PC-01
motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) PC-01 - 9,80m    32' 2" PILDNE

Constantly expanding our product range, Pildne team has developed a new vessel Pildne Family Catamaran for those who love comfortable scenic cruising with family and friends....

1 products CATHUGO Yachts
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran, 4 cabins) I43PC - 13,11m    43' 0" CATHUGO Yachts

At the first view her look is quite the same as her bigger sisters i54PC and i66PC. But when you have a look inside you will be surprised. You won’t expect this roomy interior for space of...

Andaman Boatyard SIAM CAT AB45
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) SIAM CAT AB45 - 13,72m    45' 0" Andaman Boatyard

For Power Cat lovers, the new SiamCat 45 ft is now available, built for your pleasure, with elegant lines and high specifications, without putting a big dent in your pocket. If youre looking for a really?roomy?and...

Andaman Boatyard 32'
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) 32' - 9,75m    32' 0" Andaman Boatyard

The AB 32 is an high performance ocean-going power catamaran with spacious, easy living comfort at its best and with extraordinary fuel efficiency....

5 products AussieCat
video AussieCat 9000 PROFISHER
sport-fishing motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) 9000 PROFISHER - 9,91m    32' 6" AussieCat

The LeisureCat 9000 Profisher (30ft 6in) is a powerful offshore cruiser with proven fast hull performance. Current models have had more emphasis placed on the family comforts in cabin and saloon areas,...

video AussieCat 9000 HARDTOP
sport-fishing motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) 9000 HARDTOP - 9,91m    32' 6" AussieCat

The LeisureCat 9000 Hardtop power catamaran with its fast planing hull has everything the offshore sports fisherman with a family could need. The large, self-draining deck has plenty of...

video AussieCat 9000 KINGFISHER
sport-fishing motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) 9000 KINGFISHER - 9,95m    32' 8" AussieCat

The LeisureCat / AussieCat 9000 Kingfisher power catamaran is a larger version of the very popular 8000 Sportsfisher designed using the tough 9000 Profisher hull and an open-plan superstructure...

AussieCat 350
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) 350 - 12,29m    40' 4" AussieCat

The LeisureCat 350 Sportscruiser (35ft) (LOA 42ft) has been designed to carry us well into the 21st century. Still with our very fast planing hull and excellent all-round performance, the 350 has a sleek...

AussieCat 350 OB
sport-fishing motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) 350 OB - 12,70m    41' 8" AussieCat

The LeisureCat 350 Sportscruiser (35ft) (LOA 42ft) power catamaran with outboards has a fast, planing...

3 products African Cats
African Cats POWERCAT 380
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) POWERCAT 380 - 11,58m    38' 0" African Cats

POWERCAT 380 A new designed and state-of-the-art PowerCat with two Volvo engines...

African Cats POWERCAT 420
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) POWERCAT 420 - 12,75m    41' 10" African Cats

With its incredibly shallow 0.9 draft and rock like stability, the African Power Cat 42 can take you anywhere you want to go.And with four luxurious...

African Cats POWERCAT 450
sport-fishing motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) POWERCAT 450 - 13,72m    45' 0" African Cats

The new PowerCat 450 Sport has evolved from the successful PowerCat 420, of which 33 units have been delivered all over the world. Three PowerCats 450 Sport have been launched already. This PowerCat...

2 products Coastal Boats
Coastal Boats ROBERTS 36
motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran, semi-custom) ROBERTS 36 - 10,97m    36' 0" Coastal Boats

36’ catamaran [available in 40 and 44’] Perfect for the leisure, dive and tour industry this catamaran will reach speeds of 30mph with superior handling and turning...

Coastal Boats ROGER HILL
sport-fishing motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) ROGER HILL - 10m    32' 10" Coastal Boats

From designer Roger Hill, this power cat has been designed primarily for fishing off the coast, day trips, and short cruises. Capable of top speeds...

5 products Dolphin
6 products Endeavour
Endeavour TRAWLERCAT 36
motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) TRAWLERCAT 36 - 10,97m    36' 0" Endeavour

The TrawlerCat36 has an amazing amount of room for a 36 foot yacht. Everyone who comes through the companionway is impressed with the accomodations. The salon has plenty of room for everyone...

Endeavour TRAWLERCAT 38
motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) TRAWLERCAT 38 - 11,79m    38' 8" Endeavour

The TrawlerCat 38 is available with a first class, bi-level galley capable of preparing gourmet...

Endeavour TRAWLERCAT 40
motor-boat : flybridge trawler (catamaran) TRAWLERCAT 40 - 12,19m    40' 0" Endeavour

The TrawlerCat 40 galley, bright, beautiful, and with all the conveniences...

Endeavour TRAWLERCAT 44
motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) TRAWLERCAT 44 - 13,39m    43' 11" Endeavour

The TrawlerCat 44 is available with two galley options. You can have your galley on...

Endeavour TRAWLER CAT 40
motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) TRAWLER CAT 40 - 12,19m    40' 0" Endeavour

Step into this salon and you feel like you’ve just stepped into a cozy, waterfront apartment with a spectacular view. Immediately to starboard is the stairway to the SkyLounge,...

Endeavour TRAWLERCAT 48
motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) TRAWLERCAT 48 - 14,63m    48' 0" Endeavour

The TrawlerCat 48 galley, bright, beautiful, modern and with all the conveniences of home. This elegant galley boasts an island bar with highly polished stainless steel twin sinks with hot and cold...

LOMOcean Design
sport-fishing motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) - 14m    45' 11" LOMOcean Design

Defender is a catamaran intended to be a versatile fishing platform, to cater for the many varied styles of sport fishing. The open cockpit allows flowing access across the breadth of the vessel and...

sport-fishing motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) SOLITAIRE - 14m    45' 11" LOMOcean Design

Solitaire was commissioned by the happy owners of a previous LOMOcean design, the 11m, 40 knot power catamaran Aquavett Inspired by the performance and sea keeping of the smaller boat, the New Zealand...

sport-fishing motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) OUTER LIMITS - 14m    45' 11" LOMOcean Design

Purpose built as an uncompromising 14m sportfisher, this boat exudes a tough and purposeful...

LOMOcean Design PARANI
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) PARANI - 13m    42' 8" LOMOcean Design

This craft is intended to fulfil the role of a high quality, privately operated motor yacht, capable of operating in coastal conditions and supporting up to six guests. The boat was originally drawn at...

LOMOcean Design FUSION 40
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) FUSION 40 - 12,20m    40' 0" LOMOcean Design

LOMOcean Design was tasked with the re-design of the hulls for this...

1 products Maine Cat
video Maine Cat P-47
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran, 2 cabins) P-47 - 14,40m    47' 3" Maine Cat

Maine Cat has brought our 20 years of experience building lightweight Core-Cell composite sailing catamarans to create a completely unique fuel efficient power catamaran. The combination of significant...

ArrowCat Marine EXPRESS 32
sport-fishing motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) EXPRESS 32 - 9,70m    31' 10" ArrowCat Marine

Delivering on requests to have a model with more space in the aft deck, we redesigned the aft deck and engine mounting of the Express 30 foot hull. This redesign...

ArrowCat Marine 42
motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) 42 - 12,50m    41' 0" ArrowCat Marine

The ArrowCat 42 takes all the great qualities of the ArrowCat 30 and scales them up for greater comfort. The roomy interior and comfortable sleeping arrangements...

ArrowCat Marine 42
motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) 42 - 12,50m    41' 0" ArrowCat Marine

The ArrowCat 42 takes all the great qualities of the ArrowCat 30 and scales them up for greater comfort. The roomy interior and comfortable sleeping arrangements...

1 products Cheetah Marine
Cheetah Marine SEA SAFAR
motor-boat : express-cruiser (catamaran) SEA SAFAR - 9,95m    32' 8" Cheetah Marine

The Cheetah fleet has returned back to Cheetah HQ after a hugely successful Seawork last week. 9m ‘Sea Safari’ ran almost continuous demonstrations of SeaStar’s Optimus 360 Joystick...

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