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flybridge express-cruiser - 341 SEDAN

While many cruising yachts less than 40 feet in length are best-suited to overnight or weekend stays, Meridian's 341 Sedan has redefined the class by providing the comfortable accommodations and extra features...

flybridge express-cruiser - 391 SEDAN

Knowing that some family cruisers look like minivans, Meridian designed its 391 Sedan to bring the styling and performance of a sportscar to the class without losing any practical features. This attractive yacht's sleek profile...

flybridge express-cruiser - 441 SEDAN

In designing the new 441 Sedan, Meridian's team of naval architects developed a new hull, deck, bridge and shearline. This all new design features a more aggressive profile and new hull-side windows for the guest stateroom, easier bridge access, better topside...

motor-boats IPS POD express-cruiser / downeast - SMERALDO 45

The new Smeraldo 45" is the result of our cooperation with the Spadolini office of Architect Tommaso Spadolini for its interior and exterior design and with the Marine Design and Service of Umberto Tagliavini for its hull lines and engine room.

The concept of this...

open express-cruiser / sport - 40 OPEN

Technical sheet
Standard: 2X VOLVO AQUAMATIC D6_330/DP
Maximun speed: 39 Kn.
Cruising speed: 25 Kn.

motor-boats IPS POD express-cruiser / hard-top - 43 OPEN

Technical sheet
Standard: 2X VOLVO AQUAMATIC D6_330/DP
Optional: 2X VOLVO IPS 600_D6 435 CV
Maximun speed: 31 Kn.
Cruising speed: 25 Kn.

motor-boats IPS POD express-cruiser / flybridge - 44 FLY

Technical sheet
Standard: 2 X volvo IPS 500-D5-370D-E
Optional: 2 X volvo IPS 600-D6-435D-E
Maximun speed: 33 Nudos
Cruising speed: 25 Nudos

flybridge express-cruiser - 52 FLY

Technical sheet
Standard: 2 X cummins QSC 8,3-600 HP
Optional:2 X volvo IPS 800-D11-600HP
Maximun speed: 30 Kn.
Cruising speed: 25 Kn

flybridge express-cruiser - F-360

The new Faeton 360 was unveiled in the Salón Náutico de Barcelona as a novelty for the 2008-09 season. Available...

hard-top express-cruiser - F-380 HT

Faeton 380, a craft with a family spirit and a sports look, combines the most refined...

flybridge express-cruiser / motor-boats 4 cabin - F-940 HARD TOP

A superb versatile boat ideal for high end fishing in complete comfort and safety. Available in Flying Bridge and Hard Top versions....

flybridge express-cruiser / motor-boats 4 cabin - F-940 FLY

A superb versatile boat ideal for high end fishing in complete comfort and safety. Available in Flying Bridge and Hard Top versions....

flybridge express-cruiser - F-980 OPEN

The perfect option for lovers of high-sea fishing. Inspired by the classic design of the American Open Fishers, its deep-V hull and the twin diesel...

downeast express-cruiser - 45 ESTBAY SX

The 45 Eastbay SX is a full-featured Down East cruiser that complements assertive performance with stylish grace. Standard twin-500-hp will have you quickly...

downeast express-cruiser - 46 EASTBAY SX

The new 46 Eastbay brings all the acclaimed performance, style and reliability of her predecessors - and then goes one great leap further, adding the revolutionary Zeus...

explorer express-cruiser - 43 HERITAGE EU

A larger cockpit, bigger staterooms and a second head are just some of the new features you'll find out aboard this successor...

motor-boats IPS POD express-cruiser / hard-top - 4TFOUR GENIUS

The optimized exteriors are designed for summer use.

The 4tFOUR Genius is at the...

open express-cruiser / sport - 34 GENIUS

All the qualities of pleasure boating, at 34 feet in length.

Fiart 34 Genius...

motor-boats IPS POD express-cruiser / hard-top - 50 TS GENIUS

A more elegant interior and a more powerful engine.

Fiart 50 TS Genius is the alternative to the fast commuter...

open express-cruiser - 42 GENIUS

Two x 330 HP engines and all the technology of Fiart Mare.

Fiart Mare 42 Genius is an open...

motor-boats IPS POD express-cruiser / open - 4SEVEN GENIUS

Exemplary and exclusive aesthetic details and design based on functionality.

The 4SEVEN Genius...

open express-cruiser / motor-boats 2 cabins - 51 BESTIA

Also called "Bestia", or Beast! Bestia is characterized by her tremendous speed, acceleration and brute power.

The Magnum 51’ is a narrow beam, deep-vee, very heavy hull, generally equipped with twinCaterpillar...

open express-cruiser / sport - 328SS

Redefining boating, the 328 Super Sport breaks all the rules. The 328SS is in a class of its own. 32'2" in length, this twin engine bowrider is a sleek...

open express-cruiser / sport - 320SY

Leave the turmoil of civilization behind aboard the 320 Sport Yacht. A perfect weekend getaway,...

open express-cruiser / sport - 340SY

The 340 Sport Yacht is one Monterey’s most popular models. The right mix of its sleek design and well laid out accommodations...

motor-boats IPS POD express-cruiser / open / sport - 400SY

The 400SY is the flagship of the Monterey fleet. This 41 foot long beauty redefines on water living. Powered by Volvo Penta’s...

hard-top express-cruiser / motor-boats 2 cabins - LEADER 10

The new Leader 10 dazzles with its dynamic design that allows you free reign of the blue ocean.

It is the largest and most innovative of the line of new Jeanneau Cabin Cruisers,...

hard-top express-cruiser / motor-boats 2 cabins - LEADER 40

LEADER 40 open and sportop versions : discover these new models now !

High performance and contemporary design...

hard-top express-cruiser / motor-boats 2 cabins - NC 11

Designed by Garroni and Premorel Concept, the NC11 is a totally new take on space and life aboard.

Contemporary elegance is complemented by total transparency...

hard-top express-cruiser - NC 14

Elegance, Luxury, Comfort

New Concept? The success of the new NC line has made an impact in the world of Jeanneau.


flybridge express-cruiser / motor-boats 2 cabins - VELASCO 43

With the VELASCO 43, Jeanneau takes an innovative new direction in the world of flybridge motor yacht design.

Inspired by larger yachts, the VELASCO 43 makes a strong personal statement on the exterior, paired with a contemporary...

hard-top express-cruiser - 48 EXPRESS CRUISER

High on every yachtsman’s wish list is a magic carpet that can take you from the humdrum to Heaven. A magnificent yacht with all the luxurious comforts of a Palm Beach condo and the feisty spirit of a Formula One race car. Til now, it was a pipe dream. With the incredible Fountain 48 Express Cruiser, it...

open express-cruiser - 38 EXPRESS CRUISER

The comforts of a luxury condo. The agility of a sports car. You can’t go wrong.

Reggie Fountain has built a career by improving on success. World champion offshore racer; world class visionary. Reggie’s résumé is the envy of yacht builders everywhere. The 38EC is proof!

But, this...

motor-boats IPS POD express-cruiser / hard-top / motor-boats 3 cabins - 500 S

The new Prestige 500 S lies perfectly in the philosophy of the world of the Prestige: “clear” design; good sea-keeping...

motor-boats IPS POD express-cruiser / hard-top / motor-boats 2 cabins - 450 S

Prestige has revisited the coupé concept from the Prestige 500S :
The Prestige 450S offers...

motor-boats IPS POD express-cruiser / hard-top / motor-boats 2 cabins - 440 S

The new Prestige 440 S is issued from the powerful creativity of Jeanneau. Volvo provided the new...

motor-boats IPS POD express-cruiser / flybridge - 500

Winning this coveted award for the PRESTIGE 500 further confirms the success of the new PRESTIGE brand:

This new model for 2011, first launched...

motor-boats IPS POD express-cruiser / flybridge / motor-boats 2 cabins - 450


The Prestige 450 take all the elements that made...

flybridge express-cruiser - 43


This incredibly spacious new yacht delivers impeccable performance and seakeeping with efficient cruising across a wide range of speeds, combined with straightforward handling, comfort and elegance. She truly...

hard-top express-cruiser / sport - V42

THE PRINCESS V42 is one of the best known sports yachts in production today, with an almost legendary combination of style, pace and agility.

The optional hardtop incorporates a large...

hard-top express-cruiser / sport - V39


The perfect compact sports cruiser if you demand the ultimate in style, performance and craftsmanship.

The spacious teak-laid cockpit provides generous...

hard-top express-cruiser - LEGEND 4000

Rayglass’ first launch of the Legend 4000 is the production boat for which discerning boaters have been waiting 20 years. It offers the increasingly busy boater...

open express-cruiser - 290

Length (L.O.A.) 30' 4" (9.24 M)
Beam 108" (2.74 M)

open express-cruiser - 310

Length (L.O.A.) 33' 1" (10.09 M)
Beam 126" (3.20 M)

open express-cruiser - 340

Length (L.O.A.) 33' 11" (10.34 M)
Beam 136" (3.45 M)

open express-cruiser - 360

Length (L.O.A.) 36' 4" (11.07 M)
Beam 144" (3.66 M)

hard-top express-cruiser / motor-boats 2 cabins - 40 GT

Technology, Style and performances: these are the main themes of the project on which Salpa has worked by giving...

hard-top express-cruiser / high-performance - 30 GT

Salpa 30 G.T. offers a new balanced and dynamic design.
The slender Hard top allows the driver complete visibility, and to...

motor-boats IPS POD express-cruiser / flybridge / sport - 43 SPORT BRIDGE

The 43 Sport Bridge is a yacht to earn the admiration of all who see her, in ports of call beyond the horizon or the farthest reach of the river. The 43 Sport Bridge has the power, in her standard twin Volvo IPS 500 engines, to realize the ambitions of the most ardent cruiser. And...

flybridge express-cruiser / sport - 38 SPORT BRIDGE

You will be surprised by the 38 Sport Bridge's spaciousness as you enter through the stylishly curved salon door into a luxurious cherry-accented cabin, with large opening and screened windows. The convertible sofa upholstered in Ultraleather™ faces a settee and high-gloss...

hard-top express-cruiser / sport - 33 SPORT COUPE

The Newest Thing Under The Sun, The Moon Or The Stars
While her inside helm brings the captain indoors, we have not forgotten the importance of the outdoors to your on-water enjoyment. The cherry-accented Thirty Three Sport Coupe combines the convenience of a deckhouse with the alfresco experience of an Express. Full-view...

flybridge express-cruiser - 39 MOTOR YACHT

Whatever Your Idea of a Perfect Day,She Is ‘As You Like It’
Some insist that the true measure of a motor yacht’s worth is the dimensions of her flybridge, sundeck, and covered aft deck. There must be space enough for owners and their guests to revel in sun, sea, and sky. But there are others equally convinced...

flybridge express-cruiser - 35 MOTOR YACHT

Few boats of this class look as fast as our 35 Motor Yacht.And with a pair of 8.1-L Crusader (or optional diesel) engines driving her, her international flair and racy style is not deceiving.

The 35 Motor Yacht's interior design is equally accomplished. The large main cabin integrates the amenities of a salon,...

open express-cruiser / sport - 42 SC

Creating a model within a model has been a successful path for Viking as demonstrated by the Viking 42 Convertible and 42 Open, which share the same hull with uniquely different deck and interior arrangements. The popularity of these new models has encouraged us to expand this theme with a pair...

catamaran express-cruiser / flybridge / motor-boats 2 cabins - SUMMERLAND 40 LC

The SUMMERLAND 40 LC is a true motor yacht with an exceptional range, designed and built for splendid cruises.

A superb saloon

This new-generation SUMMERLAND 40 LC features...

luxury yachts catamarans express-cruiser / flybridge / motor-boats 3 4 cabins - CUMBERLAND 47 LC

With her impeccable hull lines, exceptional long range, with a light-filled and comfortable interior, we have made the CUMBERLAND 47 LC the indisputable reference for cruising catamarans.

We have incorporated the very latest technology to ensure ease of manoeuvrability, minimal fuel consumption and increased levels of comfort in operation.


flybridge express-cruiser - 1230 CAB

With its length of 12,3 meters the Anytec 1230 CAB is not just our biggest and strongest boat but also a combination of design, construction and functionality when it’s at its best. Regardless of whether you’re looking forward to relaxing...

flybridge express-cruiser - 960 CAB

The latest creation in the Anytec family. The V-shaped hull in combination with a modern superstructure and a RIB, makes the Anytec 960 CAB a true innovator in its class. This is the perfect boat for fast and safe transports in tough conditions - all year...

downeast express-cruiser - ALASKA 42

A new concept signed by the experts of Barke Bonom team is especially reflected in the interior which is carried out in the southern style, which gives this boat a new atmosphere. This interior is made in retro-style and teak, of course, but this time even softer and more pliable...

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