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in-board cabin cruiser - 28 MIDCABIN

The Apreamare 28" midcabin version is the solution for greater...

in-board cabin cruiser - 28 CABIN

In Apreamare 28" cabin version, the forward deck house has been realized...

in-board cabin cruiser - 700 PATROL

The solid handling characteristics of the Bella 700 Patrol have to be experienced to be believed! The Patrol is a classy boat intended for use in archipelagos and on coasts, also suitable for official and...

in-board cabin cruiser - 703

A practical cruiser offering versatile space and opportunities for the whole family. The latest version of this semi-planing...

in-board day cruiser - CLAM19

The Cornish Clam 19 is a graceful motor launch. It comes with both inboard and outboard engine options ranging from 6 to 14 HP. The elegant lines of the Clam 19...

in-board day cruiser - CLAM 19 WHEELHOUSE

If you prefer the option of wheel steering from inside a comfortable wheelhouse then this is the boat for you. The wheelhouse version of the Clam 19 comes as standard with a Yanmar 2YM15 inboard...

in-board cabin cruiser / canal - CLASSIC STURDY 28 SEDAN

In 1975, Linssen Yachts launched the first of a new generation of St. Jozef Vlet boats onto the market. Between 1975 and 1985, Jos Linssen designed a complete range of eight length sizes of St. Jozef Vlet...

in-board cabin cruiser - GOOD FELLOW 24'

Built with modern materials and contemporary solution on deck and equipments but still keeping a classic look...

in-board cabin cruiser - WINDRUSH

The Windrush 25 launch is the brilliant new boat from Bossoms Boatyard for entertaining family and friends - or maybe just for...

in-board cabin cruiser / canal - ALLURE 21

Enjoy your free time at sea. Take your family and friends on a glorious trip in a boat designed for lazy days. Attractive to look at,...

in-board cabin cruiser / canal - DIPPER 19

This is an all new version of our old classic the Dipper 17 with several extra spices thrown into the mix, and the resulting dish is a completely different plate. She is, of course, three feet longer than the original Dipper and almost a foot increase in beam. A little extra length and width in this size of boat translates to a...

in-board cabin cruiser / canal - SCOUT 20

The Scout 20 was built over the stretch of a long year and was launched early fall of 2009 for John and Helen Carlson of Washington State. John had brought in the well thought out design to us from his own hand and we converted his basic hull shape to the Stitch and Glue boat building method. Once we agreed upon a price, we started in immediately by cutting out...

in-board cabin cruiser / canal - CHINOOK 21

The Chinook is a wonderful little cruiser. Her power is a 20hp Yanmar fresh water cooled diesel engine located at the stern of the boat and cruises burning about 1/2 of a gallon of fuel per hour at 6 knots. She runs smooth and quiet. In fact, at lower than 5 knots speed, you are almost tricked into...

in-board day cruiser / wood - DUNLIN 22

Whether you're fishing for mackerel or cedar logs, giving a tow or taking it easy, as the world seems to get wetter there's much to be said for a capable little motor cruiser with a warm wheelhouse.

Act One: It was...

in-board day cruiser / wood - GODZILLA 22

One of my owners, John Heater, who also has a Black Crown 31, has had an everlasting intrigue with tugboats and over the years that we have known each other, many sketches and drawings have crossed both of our desks as we attempted...

in-board cabin cruiser - 28 PICNIC LAUNCH

Fiberglass steering console, hydraulic steering, 5" mooring bitt, (2) 6" skene bow chocks, (2) 8" stern...

in-board day cruiser - WIJDEMEREN SLOEP 725

The Wijdemeren sloop 725 will be build under our “semi-custom” construction process, meaning that the boat will be constructed in commission, which make it possible to fulfil as many of our clients desires as possible; every...

outboard day cruiser - BOSUN 20

The Bosun can be fitted with outboard engines in the power range of 15 –...

in-board day cruiser / canal - GENTLEMAN'S

Marine Classics make Gentleman's day launches. Two different versions of an elegant 21' boat are shown...

in-board cabin cruiser - 7 HALF CABIN

Hull in fibreglass; internal mahogany bulkheads of fibreglass on the hull; external bulkheads of marine plywood...

in-board cabin cruiser / canal - PILOT 770 OPEN

The concept of the Pilot 770 Open emerged after listening to the wishes of many launch sailors. These people used their boat for whole days but also for short weekends on the water. Without losing the "open-boat feel" we provided the Pilot 770 Open with a number of facilities:


in-board cabin cruiser / canal - PILOT 920 OPEN

The Pilot 920 Open has been released in the summer of 2008.

The introduction of the ONJ 920 sees us enter a new market segment and offer existing ONJ owners more options for taking the next step up with our yard.


in-board cabin cruiser / canal - PILOT 770

The Pilot 770 is made from original moulds from Mulder & Rijke, as are the ONJ launches. This type of boat was built often by the
yard, which exclusively served professional bodies such as the...

in-board cabin cruiser / canal - PILOT 920

ONJ will introduce the Pilot 920 in 2009. The 920 Open has been released in the summer of 2008.

The introduction of the ONJ 920 sees us enter a new market segment and offer existing ONJ owners more options for taking the next step up with our yard.

It had become clear...

in-board day cruiser / canal - QUIÉTUDE 156

The CEBC's electrically-powered Quiétude 156 is inspired by a classical 1930s design. This boat is silent, non-polluting and easy to handle. It comfortably accommodates four adults. While of classical design, all other features are totally modern. Solid and reliable, the Quiétude 156 requires little maintenance, is very inexpensive to operate...

in-board day cruiser / canal - FANTAIL 217

Most boat builders offer speed. When this electric boat was designed, CEBC had more sophisticated pleasures in mind, we wanted to enable you to truly relax and appreciate the scenery with your family and friends. Thus, we decided to slow you down a notch to enable you to take your time. This was the idea behind the creation of our electric boats, pleasure-crafts especially designed for those who are...

in-board day cruiser / canal - FANTAIL 217

The mechanism of formation of the welded joint is similar to the mechanism of formation of the weld joints. Surfaces are heated to create a connection to a suitable temperature. After that happens, the two surfaces are connected by a newly created joint.


in-board cabin cruiser - ADMIRAL 940 CABIN

Inspired by the classic Dutch design, 940 Cabin, surprises with versatility and space offered. Whole family can easily travel onboard and enjoy a choice of different relaxation areas. More friends coming? No problem - even 10 people can...

in-board day cruiser - PRO FISHER 22


Width: ...

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