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open transom daysailer / with cabin / series - 275 SPORT

The new Catalina 275 Sport just may be the boat you’ve been waiting for.

Maybe you want to recapture the pure joy of sailing in a simpler but stylish boat that doesn’t require much effort or crew to get you out on the water…

Maybe you no longer need the amenities or complications of a larger boat just to enjoy an afternoon out on the water with a few friends…


series daysailer - 16.5

The Catalina 16.5 boasts a big roomy cockpit, and large storage locker forward, making for ideal family outings. The 16.5 is available in two keel designs....

daysailer with cabin / series - 22 CAPRI

Known for its sweet sailing performance in nearly all conditions, the Catalina Capri 22 has been winning sailors since its introduction. Major design updates has made the Capri...

daysailer with cabin / series - 22 SPORT

In response to Catalina 22 owners’ requests for a production boat that more accurately reflects the original dimensions and weight of this popular one design boat,...

high-speed daysailer / with cabin / series / saildrive - J/100

There’s nothing quite like steering a sleek, fast boat with a light touch on the tiller, the stability of a keel below, being close to the water and sliding through waves with barely a whisper.


high-speed daysailer / with cabin / lifting keel / series - J/95

J/95 restores an American yachting tradition, dating back to the 1800’s, of fast centerboarders that were as much at home navigating shoal inland waters as they were crossing oceans. Remember the Baltimore Clippers? As late as the 1960’s, centerboarders dominated offshore racing under the Cruising Club of America (CCA) Rating Rule. Carlton...

high-speed daysailer / with cabin / series / saildrive - J/100

The J 100 is the day boat dedicated to lovers of beautiful things. With its wonderful classic design as well as its efficient bottom, it is the perfect sailboat for those who want to navigate for a...

lifting keel daysailer / series / transportable - 15

High freeboard, a raised boom and sturdy FRP construction make the new Hunter 15 daysailer a safe, versatile boat that both familes and greenhorn sailors will love. Designed...

open transom daysailer / series - 18

The Hunter 18 is designed to serve a wide spectrum of sailors, from novices to salty veterans. Constructed of rugged, durable fiberglass, the Hunter 18 opens up endless possibilities on the waters around you. The kids will learn to sail safely in the Hunter 18 with its generous freeboard and ease of handling....

daysailer with cabin / series - 22

The Fiberglass Hunter 22 is the ultimate daysailer – with great overnighting capability! This stable platform is rated for five...

daysailer with cabin / series / saildrive - S&S 30

Sparkman Stephens 30 - SAILING WORLD 2013 Boat of the Year and described by their editors as "untouchable". Fast, Fun and easy to sail while capable of sleeping four.

The original design from Olin Stephens in 1935 was called "BABE". She went on to win several off shore FL races and was ahead...

high-speed daysailer / open transom / with cabin / series - S&S 30 Racer

The Sparkman Stephens 30 configured with race sails and a top down furling asymmetrical spinnaker is a performance racing design that has exceeded her design expectations for stability, light...

high-speed daysailer / open transom / with cabin / lifting keel - DINAMICA 940


Hull and Deck

*Glass E mats , infusion and vinyl-ester epoxy under vacuum infusion,
*Sandwich in...

series daysailer - DINAMICA 33 WEEKEND

Dinamica 940 converts itself to a Weekendsailer.
The two cabins are now divided through a sliding door.
The bow cabin offers therefore the possibility for two people to sleep or can be used as a separate cabin for the toilette.
The kitchen can be equipped with a compressor fridge, cooking facilities , a microwave, a coffee machine and a wine-bar.
The main cabin is equipped...

lifting keel daysailer / series / transportable - 25 DESIGN

Length overall 7.8 m
Hull length 7.35 m

series daysailer - AE 20

The Alerion Express 20 is a tried and true Day Sailer that has been brought back by popular demand. All the Alerion essentials are present--classic topside, modern underbody, gratifying speed and single-handed ease.

In some boat lines, the smallest model is termed an entry-level...

high-speed daysailer / open transom / series - S850L

Built for all who would like simplicity and not always the requirement of more than 2 m water depth, in your sailing region. Has only a 1.5 m draft, but is nevertheless very stable also in a stiff breeze. This is achieved by a heavier keel weight and a slightly...

high-speed daysailer / open transom / series - V 34 DS

Vismara v 34ds a performance electric daysailer

the new Vismara v34ds marks the return of the day-sailing world into the shipyard, designed for racing or cruising with the family & was optimized for winds up to 18 knots. Confronting & analyzing other boats in the market today and studying the different water lines to optimize the performance...

daysailer with cabin / series - EIDER

I was a much younger man back in 1978 and my fledgling design and boatbuilding company was also very young and we needed a small cabin sailboat design to build as a stock boat, one that could bring on a bit of regularity to our rather spotty and erratic cash flow. I wanted her...

daysailer with cabin / series - LICHEN

The goal with Lichen was to develop a smaller-sized sailboat (20 feet) able to comfortably cruise the backwaters and bays of the Northwest without excessive concern for draft. This vee-bottomed hull design is an answer to the challenge....

daysailer with cabin / series - ARCTIC TERN

Many designs go through several stages before they finally turn into a boat. Arctic Tern is one of those designs. The latest and final version is a logical extension of the Winter Wren. The lines are similar but the Arctic Tern's are finer in both the...

open transom daysailer / series - OPENGO 888

Opengo 888 is a pure day-boat designed for leisure, family, club or charter, with high performance and an incomparable ease of implementation.

From the hull of the Malango 888, Denis BOURBIGOT has embodied an idea he had conceived during days of sailing the Caribbean: a large quick and...

series daysailer - E27

Like the popular e33, the e27 family daysailer has elegant lines, a large comfortable cockpit, easy sail handling and gives nothing...

high-speed daysailer / series - E33

This next generation e33 shows off five years of design and sail handling innovations all wrapped up in one gorgeous boat. e Sailing...

series daysailer - AMERICAN 14.6

The American 14.6 is designed for the beginning sailor or those who are seeking a large, stable sloop that offers hassle-free sailing. This sturdy, deep-cockpit daysailer features a 6-foot 2-inch beam, glass kick-up rudder, weighted glass centerboard, and a large built-in storage compartment under the deck.

The large cockpit offers room for four...

series daysailer - AMERICAN 18

The American 18 Daysailer is ideal for those who are seeking a spacious and comfortable daysailer which is also designed for speed and performance. Design features include a self bailing cockpit, molded in drink cooler...

series daysailer - PENNANT

The Pennant is a delightful small daysailer designed for the young at heart, complete with main and jib. The Pennant is the perfect small sailboat for the younger...

daysailer with cabin / series - SANDPIPER 565

Although we are no longer building the Sandpiper, we continue to offer free technical advice and are able to supply replacement parts and sails.


open transom daysailer / series - BOOTHBAY 21

Handsome and refreshingly classic, the Boothbay Harbor One Design 21’ Keel Sloop is both enjoyable...

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