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3 products Archambault
new video Archambault A35 R
racing sailboat (open transom, bow-sprit, tiller steering) A35 R - 10,59m    34' 9" Archambault

Lively hull shape, efficient deck layout, high quality deck hardware, The A35...

video Archambault A40 RC
racing sailboat (open transom, twin steering wheel) A40 RC - 11,98m    39' 4" Archambault

Nervous Hull designed specially for IRC, the A40RC is a winner....

video Archambault M34
racing sailboat (lifting keel) M34 - 10,34m    33' 11" Archambault

In collaboration with Joubert-Nivelt-Mercier...

1 products JPK Composites
1 products Maxi Dolphin
video Maxi Dolphin MD 33
racing sailboat (open transom, bow-sprit) MD 33 - 9,90m    32' 6" Maxi Dolphin

MD33 was born from the intention of the shipyard to create a day cruiser/racer boat around 10 metres long. Simplicity, elegance and performance are the qualities required.A hull with straight lines for...

1 products Structures
1 products RG 650
video RG 650 RG 6.50
ocean racing sailboat (class mini 6.50) RG 6.50 - 6,50m    21' 4" RG 650

The RG-650 is the newest member of the Mini 6.50 production class family and is the first one to be built in the southern hemisphere. Built in Argentina...

video Open Sailing Inc Pogo 2
ocean racing sailboat (class mini 6.50) Pogo 2 - 6,50m    21' 4" Open Sailing Inc

Before we can talk about the Pogo 2, we need to step back a little and describe (in a nut shell) what type of boats it belongs to. The Pogo 2 is a Mini TransAt designed by the Finot/Conq Architect Group....

video Premier Composite Technologies FARR 400
racing sailboat (one-design) FARR 400 - 12,18m    40' 0" Premier Composite Technologies

PCT collaborated with Farr Yacht Design to design and build the next generation, all carbon, one design 40ft racer. The FARR 400 was engineered to push the boundaries of modern design and utilise the...

1 products Sormiou Yachts
video Sormiou Yachts S29 Racing
racing sailboat (carbon) S29 Racing - 8,81m    28' 11" Sormiou Yachts

This boat is built for the most demanding racers. Its standard interior fixtures are minimalistic but nothing prevents the new owner from kitting it like a cruiser thanks...

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