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Bénéteau sailboats FIGARO II
racing sailboat (one-design) FIGARO II - 10,15m    33' 4" Bénéteau sailboats

Here is "THE" monotype international racing solo and crew....

1 products J-boats
J-boats J/95
racing sailboat (open transom, bow-sprit) J/95 - 9,51m    31' 2" J-boats

J/95 restores an American yachting tradition, dating back to the 1800’s, of fast centerboarders that were as much at home navigating shoal inland waters as they were crossing oceans. Remember the...

3 products Akilaria
Akilaria AKILARIA 40
ocean racing sailboat (ISAF, class 40) AKILARIA 40 - 12,18m    40' 0" Akilaria

The AKILARIA 40 is manufactured in a female mould, the hull bottom is infused balsa and fibreglass sandwich construction and the upper sides are foam and fibreglass sandwich construction. The deck is...

Akilaria AKILARIA 40 RC2
ocean racing sailboat (ISAF, class 40) AKILARIA 40 RC2 - 12,19m    40' 0" Akilaria

The AKILARIA 40 RC2 is manufactured in a female mould. The hull is sandwich infused with foam balsa fibreglass vinylester in the bottoms and foam fibreglass on the platings. The deck is infused vinylester...

Akilaria AKILARIA 950
ocean racing sailboat (class 9.50) AKILARIA 950 - 9,50m    31' 2" Akilaria

The AKILARIA 950 is manufactured in a female mould. The hull bottom is infused balsa and fibreglass sandwich construction and the upper sides are foam and fibreglass sandwich construction. The deck is...

4 products Archambault
video Archambault A40 RC
racing sailboat (open transom, twin steering wheel) A40 RC - 11,98m    39' 4" Archambault

Nervous Hull designed specially for IRC, the A40RC is a winner....

video Archambault A35 R
racing sailboat (open transom, bow-sprit, tiller steering) A35 R - 10,59m    34' 9" Archambault

Lively hull shape, efficient deck layout, high quality deck hardware, The A35...

video Archambault M34
racing sailboat (lifting keel) M34 - 10,34m    33' 11" Archambault

In collaboration with Joubert-Nivelt-Mercier...

racing sailboat (one-design) GRAND SURPRISE - 9,54m    31' 4" Archambault

With its sleek waterline and slim deep bow and stern, the Grand Surprise is designed for fast sailing. It tends to...

3 products JPK Composites
1 products Maxi Dolphin
video Maxi Dolphin MD 33
racing sailboat (open transom, bow-sprit) MD 33 - 9,90m    32' 6" Maxi Dolphin

MD33 was born from the intention of the shipyard to create a day cruiser/racer boat around 10 metres long. Simplicity, elegance and performance are the qualities required.A hull with straight lines for...

5 products McConaghy
McConaghy KER 46
racing sailboat (carbon) KER 46 - 13,90m    45' 7" McConaghy

Introducing the Ker 46, a light displacement, high performance racing yacht opened by leading IRC designers Ker Yacht Design. Following the success of the Ker 40, Ker Yacht Design and McConaghy boats...

McConaghy KER 40
racing sailboat (open transom, carbon mast) KER 40 - 12,20m    40' 0" McConaghy

The Ker 40 is an exciting new yacht that has been specifically designed for higher performance around the racetrack but more importantly to win races on IRC and ORCi handicap systems. Designed by...

McConaghy MC38
racing sailboat (one-design) MC38 - 11,35m    37' 3" McConaghy

The MC38 raises high performance one design yacht racing to a new level. Designed by four-time America’s Cup...

McConaghy BOTIN 40
racing sailboat (carbon) BOTIN 40 - 12,19m    40' 0" McConaghy

MCConaghy Boats and Botin Partners have joined forces to bring the next generation of Grand Prix 40 Racer, designed and optimised for HPR whilst still being competitive under IRC this new bred will be...

ocean racing sailboat (ISAF, class 40) - 12,19m    40' 0" McConaghy

Tony Lawson’s Team Concise has teamed up with Ker design and McConaghy boats to develop the next generation Class 40 capable of out performing the newest big budget Class 40s but for a production...

1 products Vismara
racing sailboat (open transom, carbon) MARGHERITA - 13,30m    43' 8" Vismara

This craft is part of the Vismara 45 Open mini-series. For “Margherita” the firm gave...

1 products Maxi Yachts
Maxi Yachts MAXI SM 40
racing sailboat (one-design) MAXI SM 40 - 12m    39' 4" Maxi Yachts

Technical overview : . LOA 12,00 m . LWL 9,60...

Young Yacht Design BULL 9000
racing sailboat (open transom, tiller steering) BULL 9000 - 9m    29' 6" Young Yacht Design

The Bull 9000 started life as a project for a UK Bull 7000 owner. It was ambitiously designed to have 3 different versions (race, racer/cruiser and charter). Using the same hull tooling, the Bull 9000...

Young Yacht Design BULL 12000
racing sailboat (open transom, tiller steering) BULL 12000 - 12m    39' 4" Young Yacht Design

The Bull 12000 was originaly designed to race the "two handed" Melbourne/Osaka race. The Bull 12000 again featured the Bullsprit design and this was to be used to great advantage sailing shorthanded. Two...

Young Yacht Design YOUNG 30
racing sailboat (open transom, tiller steering) YOUNG 30 - 9,14m    30' 0" Young Yacht Design

Commissioned by Rod Skellet, owner of the highly successful Bull 9000 “Wild Bull”, this design had very defined goals. First and foremost this is a very stiff, stable and safe race yacht....

Dinamica Yachts DINAMICA 31 RACE
racing sailboat (open transom, carbon) DINAMICA 31 RACE - 9,40m    30' 10" Dinamica Yachts

Dinamica 940 has not been built as a racing boat but it is very fast and it is winning regatta. Now we would like to present you a new version: Dinamica 31 Race. More use of carbon fibre reduces the weight...

1 products Argo 6,50
Argo 6,50 ARGO 6.50
ocean racing sailboat (class mini 6.50) ARGO 6.50 - 6,50m    21' 4" Argo 6,50

Andres Duran Yachting is formed by a passionate group of committed sailors sailing for several decades. We develop the rental and sale of boats Dufour and Bavaria from our base on the Costa Brava and...

2 products Carkeek Design
Carkeek Design CARKEEK 45
racing sailboat (carbon) CARKEEK 45 - 13,72m    45' 0" Carkeek Design

Alongside the development of the Carkeek 40, we have been working on a larger 45ft HPR racer: the Carkeek 45. She has been created with similar objectives to the 40: a cutting edge inshore/offshore racing...

3 products Marée Haute
2 products Hakes Marine
Hakes Marine HH 42
racing sailboat (open transom, bow-sprit) HH 42 - 12,80m    42' 0" Hakes Marine

The HH 42 is a fully optimized very high performance racing yacht. Designed by world renowned Judel Vrolijk Yacht Design, the HH 42 is simply made to be the fastest in...

Hakes Marine CLASS 40
ocean racing sailboat (ISAF, class 40) CLASS 40 - 12,19m    40' 0" Hakes Marine

The completion and launching in Wellington of the Farr designed Kiwi 40. Launching went perfectly despite the weather! This superb Class 40 is as good...

5 products Pauger Carbon
Pauger Carbon LUTHI F10
racing sailboat (open transom, carbon) LUTHI F10 - 10m    32' 10" Pauger Carbon

Pauger is proud to be appointed as carbon mast supplier of the new and innovative carbon racer Luthi 10.The first Luthi 10 was launched in 2012 July and manufactured by René Luthi in Crans-près-Céligny....

Pauger Carbon CODE 8
racing sailboat (open transom, carbon) CODE 8 - 8m    26' 3" Pauger Carbon

Pauger Carbon is proud to be the official mast and boat builder of the new Code 8 carbon racer. The Carbon One DEsign 8m long full carbon day-sailer/racer boat was designed by Andrej Justin...

Pauger Carbon 24th RC 44
racing sailboat (open transom, carbon) 24th RC 44 - 13,41m    44' 0" Pauger Carbon

Pauger Carbon begun the year 2011 with completion of the 24rd RC 44 boat. The latest developments of...

Pauger Carbon RUSSEL COUTTS 44
racing sailboat (open transom, carbon) RUSSEL COUTTS 44 - 13,35m    43' 10" Pauger Carbon

A full carbon racer from Pauger Carbon Pauger were glad to join our passion for boat building to Russell’s project and to be part of the creation of this new and exciting racing class. We are proud of...

Pauger Carbon PAUGER 70
racing sailboat (open transom) PAUGER 70 - 15m    49' 3" Pauger Carbon

Pauger 70-s are perhaps the most beautiful sailing yachts on Lake Balaton. They were designed by Dénes Paulovits in 1995 when he tried to modernize the traditional long and narrow style skerry cruisers...

1 products RG 650
video RG 650 RG 6.50
ocean racing sailboat (class mini 6.50) RG 6.50 - 6,50m    21' 4" RG 650

The RG-650 is the newest member of the Mini 6.50 production class family and is the first one to be built in the southern hemisphere. Built in Argentina...

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