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4 products Oyster Marine
Oyster Marine 545
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit, 3 cabins) 545 - 16,43m    53' 11" Oyster Marine

The Oyster 545 has been developed from the Oyster 54 with several specification and styling upgrades. Her deck features all flush hatches, and interior has been subtly redesigned and styled. Oyster 54Her...

Oyster Marine 575
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit, 4 cabins) 575 - 17,89m    58' 8" Oyster Marine

We are continually reviewing the specification for each model in our range to take advantage of new equipment, advice from our technical and support departments and, of course, the invaluable feedback...

video Oyster Marine 625
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit, 4 cabins) 625 - 19,37m    63' 7" Oyster Marine

The triple award winning Oyster 625 is designed to bring some significant improvements to the already successful pedigree of the Oyster 61 and 62. A new hull design by Rob Humphreys, with increased performance...

Oyster Marine 665
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit, 3 cabins) 665 - 20,60m    67' 7" Oyster Marine

With the 665, performance was an established criterion from the outset. Designer, Rob Humphreys, created a set of hull lines with a relatively fine entry forward and a clean run aft. Add a low centre...

4 products Wally
sailboat : fast cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) TUAMATA - 23,99m    78' 8" Wally

Type // Fast Cruising Sloop Year // 2000 Length overall // 23.99 m - 78’8" Length waterline // 20.70 m - 67’3" Maximum beam // 5.85 m - 19’2" Draught...

sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) ALEXIA - 30,63m    100' 6" Wally

Ype // Fast Cruising Sloop Year // 2004 Length overall // 30.63 m - 100’4" Length waterline // 26.60 m - 87’3" Maximum beam // 6.67 m - 21’10" Draught...

Wally KIM
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) KIM - 28,55m    93' 8" Wally

Type // Fast Cruising Sloop Year // 2003 Length overall // 28.55 m - 93’8" Length waterline // 24.69 m - 81’0" Maximum beam // 6.40 m -...

sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) TIKETITAN - 27m    88' 7" Wally

Type // Fast Cruising Sloop Year // 1998 Length overall // 27.00 m - 88’7" Length waterline // 22.50 m - 74’0" Maximum beam // 6.20 m - 20’3" Draught...

1 products RMK Yachts
RMK Yachts OYSTER 125
cruising sailboat : luxury sailing-super-yacht de croisière (center cockpit) OYSTER 125 - 38,14m    125' 2" RMK Yachts

Flybridge sailing yachts are a relatively new concept and, until the introduction of the flybridge version of the Oyster 125 by Dubois, were to be found only on 48m (160 ft) yachts and above. With this...

1 products Contest
Contest 57 CS
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit, 3 cabins) 57 CS - 15,54m    51' 0" Contest

With its flush deck and low, integrated superstructure, the Contest 57CS has a truly striking appearance. Daylight floods into the...

1 products Island Packet
Island Packet IP 485
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) IP 485 - 15,90m    52' 2" Island Packet

Our flagship, the 485, provides enormous living space, enough storage to hold gear for a circumnavigation, enough sail to speed you comfortably to your destination and the convenience of managing it all...

2 products Hallberg-Rassy
Hallberg-Rassy HR 55
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) HR 55 - 16,68m    54' 9" Hallberg-Rassy

The Hallberg-Rassy 55 is the new Hallberg-Rassy model for 2013. The 55 connects closely to the successful 64, with lots of natural light through large tempered glass portlights in the saloon, as...

video Hallberg-Rassy HR 64
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) HR 64 - 19,85m    65' 1" Hallberg-Rassy

The new Hallberg-Rassy 64 is literally Great News. It is the greatest boat ever built by Hallberg-Rassy. It is unmistakably a true...

3 products Royal Huisman
Royal Huisman BILLY BUDD
cruising sailboat : luxury sailing-super-yacht de croisière (center cockpit) BILLY BUDD - 34,25m    112' 4" Royal Huisman

The 34.3m Billy Budd was built for a client who holds high performance as his first criterion. She is designed to be a fast and comfortable cruising yacht with a fully battened main, with many of the...

sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit, custom-made) WHIRLWIND XII - 31,37m    102' 11" Royal Huisman

Whirlwind XII, the first 100 foot plus yacht, designed by Ron Holland and built by Royal Huisman. Her globe trotting owner, Noel Lister, has twice circumnavigated in her and is typical of the many Huisman...

Royal Huisman 43M
cruising sailboat : luxury sailing-super-yacht (center cockpit, custom-made) 43M - 43,31m    142' 1" Royal Huisman

The 43m Luxury Sloop Concept was conceived in collaboration with Germán Frers Design for naval architecture and exterior styling, and Rhoades Young for interior design and styling. The intent was...

1 products Vismara
1 products Vitters
cruising sailboat : luxury sailing-super-yacht de croisière (center cockpit) RED DRAGON - 42,90m    140' 9" Vitters

Red Dragon (ex African Queen) designed by Dubois naval Architects was the first Vitters 42.9-metre (140 ft) yacht and was so successful that the design became a series of three. Her powerful performance,...

Nord West & Najad AB NAJAD 505
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) NAJAD 505 - 15,30m    50' 2" Nord West & Najad AB

This magnificent yacht has been created out of our core principals for quality, performance, safety, comfort and good sea-keeping ability. Apart from the centre cockpit layout,...

Nord West & Najad AB NAJAD 570
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) NAJAD 570 - 17,50m    57' 5" Nord West & Najad AB

A ‘world class’ yacht by any measure, the commercially successful Najad 570 combines both contemporary and traditional values to stunning effect. From the initial concept, the N570 was created...

Warwick Yacht Design W 54 SLOOP
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) W 54 SLOOP - 16,46m    54' 0" Warwick Yacht Design

This yacht takes notions of comfort speed and practicality into a new dimension . The design flexibility and use of space reveal the wealth of experience invested in the singular project. MoonBlue’s interior...

Warwick Yacht Design W60 PH SLOOP
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) W60 PH SLOOP - 18,29m    60' 0" Warwick Yacht Design

LOA 18.310 M 60’0" DWL 15.850 M 52’0" BEAM 5.050 M 16’7" DRAFT 2.200 M 7’2" DISPL. HST 24,000...

1 products Morris Yachts
Morris Yachts OCEAN SERIES 52
sailboat : ocean cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) OCEAN SERIES 52 - 15,85m    52' 0" Morris Yachts

Morris Yachts are sailing to the far corners of the world, usually with just a couple on board, often completing 200-plus mile days, in safety, style and comfort. The new 52 is perhaps the perfect yacht...

1 products Aureus Yachts
video Aureus Yachts Aureus XV Absolute
sailboat : ocean cruising sailing-yacht Aureus XV Absolute - 15,30m    50' 2" Aureus Yachts

AUREUS XV Compact Maxi Yacht for hedonists. We are pleased to present Aureus XV - a light, fast sailing yacht, built from carbon fibers and vacuum infused epoxy...

2 products AMEL
video AMEL AMEL 55
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit, 3 cabins) AMEL 55 - 17,30m    56' 9" AMEL

Following the success experienced with the AMEL 64, we conceived AMEL 55 inspired directly from the same modern and elegant design. The...

video AMEL AMEL 64
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit, 3 cabins) AMEL 64 - 19,60m    64' 4" AMEL

Launched in 2010, the AMEL 64 is a top level cruising yacht, with a modern and elegant design. Faithful to...

1 products Sunbeam
Sunbeam 53.2
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) 53.2 - 15,97m    52' 5" Sunbeam

Since the launch in 2005 SUNBEAM’s flagship, the SUNBEAM 53 has been redesigned in 2010. The new SUNBEAM 53.2 offers a variety of new interiors to accomodate our customer’s varying needs. The SUNBEAM...

1 products Van Dam Nordia
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit, custom-made) 60' PERFORMANCE CRUISER - 18,14m    59' 6" Van Dam Nordia

We have been asked: "Why design a Performance Cruiser when you have never received any complaints about a Nordia being too slow?" Well, simply because some people prefer...

Yachting Developments K2
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) K2 - 28,35m    93' 0" Yachting Developments

From the drawing board of German Frers K2’s objective was to blend new technology with classic yacht building techniques. Yachting Developments’...

Yachting Developments SYMMETRY
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) SYMMETRY - 29,26m    96' 0" Yachting Developments

Symmetry is a logical evolution of her predecessor K2. She is slightly longer overall and her three spreader rig is 2.4m taller which will lead to strong light air performance. Finished...

1 products Morozov Yachts
Morozov Yachts SOLER-52
sailboat : fast cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) SOLER-52 - 15,85m    52' 0" Morozov Yachts

Soler-52 Grand Cruiser is flagman model of new line of fast cruising yachts Soler, for inshore or long range cruising. The yacht has lifting keel. water ballast, enclosed pilothouse, full set of modern...

1 products Tartan Yachts
Tartan Yachts 5300
sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (center cockpit) 5300 - 16,15m    53' 0" Tartan Yachts

At Tartan Yachts we have a passion to deliver the best sailboat owner experience possible. Our commitment to design and engineering is based...

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