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cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / serial - CIGALE 18

Luxury craftsmen of sailing boats, Alubat shipyard, situated in le Château d’Olonne, have attacked 2014 with new ambitions. During the next coming weeks, Alubat will present the new Cigale 18 on the occasion of its launch, while other units are in production of which an OVNI 52 Evolution.
With the help of some clients and several entrepreneurs from Vendee, the specialist in aluminium...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / serial - CIGALE 22


Architect : Marc LOMBARD
Double rudders : oui
Bits and rudders aluminum profiles : oui

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / lifting keel / serial - OVNI 52 EVOLUTION

Two new “OVNIS” at the Paris Boat Show! Alubat world leader manufacturer of aluminium sailing yachts of over 35 feet will be at the ‘ Nautic Paris’ boat show with their plans of two new “OVNIS”. Architect Marc Lombard the designer engineer of the shipyard, Philippe Aupinel, The president of Alubat, have been working on...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / serial - CIGALE 16

Everything is new on the New Cigale 16, all but the concept and the name of course. The name “Cigale” sounds like a legendary name, familiar to the ears of those who love the sound of offshore sailing. But the new ‘Cigale 16′ built by Alubat in Le Chateau d’Olonne is certainly not a projection of known recipes but of a new fast cruiser, comfortable and...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / sailboats ketch / serial - ALUBAT 58


Architect : Philippe BRIAND
Overall Length : 17,84 m
Hull length : 17,69 m
Maximum beam...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / lifting keel / serial - Allures 52

The new Allures 52 incorporates the elements that make the Allures 51 so successful, whilst benefitinh from the newest technological advances.


cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / lifting keel / serial - ALLURES 51

The Allures 51 is a prestige yacht designed for true long-distance cruising.

The yachtsmen, famous and less well-known, who contributed to the development of the Allures 51 prepared an uncompromising set of specifications.They have been conceived around two key themes which correspond to the two essential...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / serial - GARCIA 75

Following the success of the first Garcia GY65, Mary Blue 65, the Garcia shipyard developed a 75-footer range.


cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / serial - GARCIA 85

In collaboration with Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design and the designer Pierre Frutschi, we built this fast cruising 85-foot sailing yacht. Built of high strength Sealium aluminium, she is equipped with a hydraulically lifting...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / lifting keel / serial - GARCIA 90

With its fast hull and a bespoke well-designed interior for comfortable luxurious cruising, Zurbagan - designed by Gilles Vaton, interior by Couedel Hugon Design - won...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / custom-made - VIVA - CABON 93

Construction N° 29
Year 2002
Architect Philippe Cabon

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / serial - 2400CR - UISGE BEATHA

The 2400M is an aluminum sloop type yacht, that has an open cockpit, and a closed wheelhouse. Uisge Beatha means Water of Life, and being that the owners are two avid sailors, this name fit their lifestyle the most.

The owner, together with her partner wanted a...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / serial - 2400CR - CHARISMA NOVA

The Jongert 2400M is an accommodating yacht simple enough to sail without the help of a crew. Not only is the sailing, rigging, and navigation equipped to be manned by just a few, the engine room is designed and arranged for easy access. You don’t have to remove one part to get at another, as well as neatly organized so if need be, it can be maintained by just one...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / serial - 2900CR - MBOLO

Essentially, the 29m aluminium Jongert/ Castro hull is standard, while the rig, deck layout and accommodation have options to be tailored to individual owner’s requirements. So while the one suits the owner’s demands for a fast family cruising boat,...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / serial - 3200CR - BREATH OF HORUS

Tony Castro joined this challenging project and developed this modern sloop with beautifully elegant lines, especially designed for a fast...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / sailboats 5 cabins / serial - 47T

With an impressive 47 meters in length, the 47T is the new flagship of the much-admired Traditional Line. Following the hull lines of Doug Peterson, this Jongert design combines well-known traditional characteristics with some impressive new features....

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / sloops / serial - AKALAM

Pendennis was selected to complete construction and final fit-out of the Barracuda 105, a 32m aluminium motor-sailor intended for a European client. With naval architecture provided by Barracuda Yacht Design and interior...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / sailboats ketch / serial - LA CATTIVA

Leading international designer Ed Dubois was commissioned to create Taramber – this heralded the beginning of our close association with the Dubois team. Dubois’ brief was to create a striking, technologically...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / custom-made - MARGARET ANN

Margaret Ann has all the merits and trademarks of a Dubois yacht, featuring a pilothouse with a raised seating area, outstanding performance and an intelligent placement of running gear. On deck there is a welcome sense of wellbeing...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / sloops / serial - TENAZ

The 39m cruising sloop Mamamouchi is one of the finest sailing yachts to come from the drawing board of Dubois, with a particularly sleek profile and trade mark pilot house, openly linking to the elegant lower saloon. Constructed in aluminium, she is fitted with the latest sail handling systems including captive winches for all functions, roller-furling headsails and...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / sloops / serial - WAVELENGTH

Striking a unique balance between sailing performance, ease of handling, high quality materials and world class workmanship, BooToo is a true, high-performance world cruising yacht. In keeping with our continuing commitment to systems reliability, BooToo was created to ensure that long distance voyages to remote parts of the world...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / serial - TINTAGEL

Tintagel is a 16.8-metre (55 ft) cutter-rigged sloop designed by Hoek Design Naval Architects to meet stringent stability standards. This aluminium yacht incorporates a deep-draught winged keel and carbon fibre mast, ensuring good roll...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / sailboats ketch / serial - APHRODITE I

The lovely 28.5-metre (94 ft) Hoek Design aluminium ketch Aphrodite I combines the sailing qualities of a high performance yacht with luxurious and comfortable cruising. Designed primarily for long-distance cruising,...

cruiser sailing-yacht / center cockpit / sloops / serial - W 68

LOA 20.73 m 68.00 ft
Length Waterline 17.50 m 57.41 ft
Beam 5.20 m 17.06 ft
Draft 3.00 m 9.84 ft
Displacement 35,672 kg 35 ton
Displacement volume 34.80 m³ 1,228.73 cubic ft
Ballast 14,224...

cruiser sailing-yacht / center cockpit / sloops / serial - W 65

LOA 19.91 m 65.33 ft
Length Waterline 16.10 m 52.82 ft
Beam 5.16 m 16.93...

cruiser sailing-yacht / center cockpit / sloops / serial - W 64

Built in composites at Yachting Developments in New Zealand the design features a four cabin layout with the navigation and entertainment...

cruiser sailing-yacht / center cockpit / sloops / serial - W 55

LOA 16.74 m 54.93 ft
Length Waterline 13.73 m 45.03 ft
Beam 4.50 m 14.76 ft
Draft 3.00 m 9.10 ft
Displ. ( full load )21,000 kg 20.7 tons
Ballast 5,670 kg 5.58 tons
Sail Area 153.20 sqm 1,649 sqft
Mainsail 80.60 sqm 868...

cruiser sailing-yacht / sloops / serial - W 66 PERFORMANCE

Armonia offers superb cruising in comfort and style.She is perfectly appointed for private use, or for charter.Meticulous space planning and design translates into a fully-featured yacht with facilities usually found on much larger vessels. Guests are able to enjoy the privacy of their own ensuite cabins,or congregate...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / serial - ATTIMO

This magnificent 105ft (32m) is a masterpiece signed Doug Peterson for the naval architecture,...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / serial - ANTARCTICA - TARA

Naval Architects Bouvet and Petit created a highly specialised 36m exploration yacht destined for polar regions where her strengthened aluminium hull and rounded sections made her perfectly fitted to deal with subzero temperatures and pack...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / deck saloon / twin steering wheel - CONRAD 80 – INTUITION

This extraordinary custom-built fast aluminium sailing cruiser provides highest comfort of living onboard as well as fine...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / serial - CONRAD 66 - AXIOM

The new CONRAD 66 ALU is a developed version of our sailing yacht CONRAD 66 with advanced hydraulic systems introduced...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / lifting keel / serial - 93

Mayrik 93 is a sailing ship of exception. Its extraordinary program enables him to answer any request of its owner. Conceived to be maneuvered in full safety by a couple, it can as well sail in the Antarctic...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / custom-made - BESTEVAER 55ST

This customer's wishes could be summarized as: simplicity is strength. He considered Tranquilo a fantastic design, although he opted for even more simplicity...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / sloops / serial - BESTEVAER 56ST

According to the designer, this yacht is to be classified as 'Spirit of Tradition', being traditionally styled but showing powerful performance characteristics such as a fine entry, shallow canoe body, lift keel and a balanced spade rudder.

The customer opted for a Bestevaer...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / serial - BESTEVAER 65S

In short: A sailing yacht with great autonomy and beautiful classic lines.

Location: Pisa, Italy

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / serial - STADTSHIP 54

The concept of ‘infinity’, is found in both mathematics and philosophy. It denotes something that is endless and boundless. In Buddhism, for example, it represents the infinite cycle of birth, death and reincarnation.

With the infinity of the seven seas in mind, the German owners went to K&M Yachtbuilders to have their dream yacht built....

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / lifting keel / serial - STADTSHIP 56

An aluminium sailing yacht with a length over 17 metres and a draught of 80 centimetres? Not a problem for K&M Yachtbuilders! Thanks to a lift keel (0.80 – 3.15m), two retractable rudders and a 15 mm aluminium bottom, this Stadtship 56 can safely rest on mud flats, navigate shallow coastal waters and cross oceans. This yacht is easy to sail with a two-man crew. The long water line...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / sailboats ketch / serial - ATOA EXPEDITION

Sailing yacht ATOA (Arctic TO Antarctic) is semi-custom aluminium vessel for for live aboard and long range cruising worldwide and in higher latitudes.
The yacht has reinforced shallows draft hull and protected propeller, protected pilothouse and easy handling sails. High average cruising speed thanks to Autoprop propeller in motorsailing mode. The interior is comfortable for 6 person for permanent...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / deck saloon / twin steering wheel - FUTUNA 50

The Futuna 50 is the little one of the Futuna line of aluminum sailboats and should inherit of the great directional stability downwind and very high average speeds on...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / deck saloon / twin steering wheel - FUTUNA 57

The Futuna 57 was the first of the Futuna line of sail yachts and has exceptional sea-keeping qualities characterized by great directional stability downwind and very high average speeds on all points of sailing. Her fine entry lines enable her to point...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / deck saloon / twin steering wheel - FUTUNA 70

The Futuna 70 belongs to the category of large luxury yachts, that can be customized to take into account the owners wishes....

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / lifting keel / serial - KANTER 53

Designed as a “pilothouse cutter”, the Kanter 53 was initially created for a British yachtsman who yearned for a vessel that exuded beauty and speed. Beyond its style and performance, the Kanter 53 also boasts and safety and comfort expected of a world-class yacht.
As performance and ease of operation are crucial to the success of a cruising yacht,...

cruiser sailing-yacht / Aluminium  / sailboats ketch / serial - KANTER 65

The stunning Kanter 65 was created to offer both impressive performance and ease of operation as well as truly exceptional luxury and style, satisfying the sailing requirements of even the most discriminating owners. To ensure peace of mind, the Kanter 65 also demonstrates Kanters true dedication to comfort and safety.


cruiser sailing-yacht / center cockpit / sloops / serial - GANESHA

Launched in March 2006, Ganesha was the third Dubois performance sloop constructed at Fitzroy Yachts and a direct and refined development from her slightly smaller twin Helios (now...

cruiser sailing-yacht / center cockpit / sloops / serial - LUDYNOSA G

Launched in late 2004, Ludynosa G embodied the latest thinking from the renowned Dubois design team.

The atmosphere on board is quietly elegant, with an emphasis on spaces that surround...

cruiser sailing-yacht / sloops / serial - FRERS 150'

This beautiful sloop with German Frers’ classical lines, a superb raised-panel interior by John Munford, and the execution of Derecktor’s renowned crew of...

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