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6 products Alubat
Alubat OVNI 365
cruising sailboat (lifting keel, aluminum) OVNI 365 - 11,94m    39' 2" Alubat

The Ovni 365, the benjamin of the Ovni range, but also the first Ovni designed...

Alubat OVNI 395
cruising sailboat (lifting keel, aluminum) OVNI 395 - 12,68m    41' 7" Alubat

Smooth and accurate helm control will tell you a lot about its capacities on the water : both stiff sails and upwind performance, you have...

Alubat OVNI 445
cruising sailboat (lifting keel, aluminum) OVNI 445 - 13,80m    45' 3" Alubat

On the market of long trips yachts, the OVNI 445 is possibly the best expression of quality manufacturing and of naval architecture progress from ALUBAT : more performance, more elegance and more comfort,...

Alubat OVNI 495
cruising sailboat (aluminum, 3 cabins) OVNI 495 - 14,95m    49' 1" Alubat

The arrival of the OVNI 495 marks a turning point in the range. OVNI through and through, this luxury centreboarder proudly bears its aluminium hull chines of 50 feet long. The navigation area is exceptional...

cruising sailboat (aluminum) OVNI 43 EVOLUTION - 12,66m    41' 6" Alubat

Specifications Architect : Marc Lombard Double rudders : oui Bits and rudders...

Alubat CIGALE 14
cruising sailboat (aluminum) CIGALE 14 - 14,67m    48' 2" Alubat

Very easy to handle, even a small crew can easily pull the quintessence of these ultra light displacement boats comfortably. Having ballasts...

video Garcia Yachting Garcia Exploration 45
cruising sailboat (lifting keel, aluminum) Garcia Exploration 45 - 13,98m    45' 10" Garcia Yachting

Jimmy Cornell, the doyen of world cruising, has chosen GARCIA YACHTING to build his new yacht to confront the challenges of the Northwest Passage. Jimmy Cornell, best-selling nautical author, founder...

video Allures Yachting ALLURES 39.9
ocean cruising sailboat (aluminum, lifting keel) ALLURES 39.9 - 12,65m    41' 6" Allures Yachting

The Allures 39.9 is a lifting keel yacht with aluminium hull and composite superstructure. Created from very strict specifications and prepared on the basis of feedback from numerous circumnavigators,...

video Allures Yachting ALLURES 45
cruising sailboat (lifting keel, aluminum) ALLURES 45 - 13,98m    45' 10" Allures Yachting

Four key words have guided our work in designing this new model. Nearly seven years after the Allures 44, it is still innovation that enables us to further extend the yesterday compromises. For us, the...

3 products BORD A BORD
cruising sailboat (custom-made, aluminum) SEALION 36 - 10,97m    36' 0" BORD A BORD

The SEALION 36 program is mainly for a cruising use but can be thought for longer journeys. The solution of the two-keels was held since...

cruising sailboat (aluminum) LARGO 38 - 11,58m    38' 0" BORD A BORD

Whatever it’s a short panoramic roof or a long one, the LARGO 38 keeps a design to sail quickly...

ocean cruising sailboat (aluminum) IROISE 46 - 13,85m    45' 5" BORD A BORD

The IROISE 46 is the new aluminium bilge keel actually manufactured in the shipyard. This sailing boat has been designed by the collaboration between the experimented customer and the...

3 products Boréal
Boréal 44
ocean cruising sailboat (aluminum, lifting keel) 44 - 13,80m    45' 3" Boréal

The Boreal 44 used the same initial book of load capacities as the Boreal 50 - which was the first Boréal while...

Boréal 47
ocean cruising sailboat (aluminum, lifting keel) 47 - 14,55m    47' 9" Boréal

The Boréal 47 is our new boat for 2010. She is based on the Boréal 44 but with...

Boréal 50
ocean cruising sailboat (aluminum, lifting keel) 50 - 15m    49' 3" Boréal

The Boreal 50 was the first boat of our range. Two standard versions are offered: an owners version with 3 double...

1 products CNTI
3 products Hutting
Hutting HUTTING 40
cruising sailboat (aluminum) HUTTING 40 - 12,45m    40' 10" Hutting

Comfort, character, class. Built for when the going gets tough > Are you looking for a safe, seaworthy yacht with superb sailing characteristics? Then...

Hutting HUTTING 48
cruising sailboat (aluminum) HUTTING 48 - 14,67m    48' 2" Hutting

Good looks, high speed, action radius. Well thought-out design - no needless frills, the...

1 products Ada Yacht
1 products AluYacht
video AluYacht AY480
cruising sailboat (aluminum, 3 cabins) AY480 - 14,62m    48' 0" AluYacht

AY480 enhances the specific properties of aluminum in the marine field: reliability, robustness and lightness. Already equipped for heavy loads and due to the low density of the material,...

K&M Yachtbuilders BESTEVAER 45ST
cruising sailboat (aluminum) BESTEVAER 45ST - 14,05m    46' 1" K&M Yachtbuilders

Upsizing tends to be the trend, but this owner went from a Bestevaer 60C to a Bestevaer 53T, and now to a 45ST. So that meant downsizing! However, the owner of the "Africa" knows what he’s doing: "The...

K&M Yachtbuilders BESTEVAER 49ST
cruising sailboat (custom-made, aluminum) BESTEVAER 49ST - 15,20m    49' 10" K&M Yachtbuilders

The “Katharos” is clearly the little sister of the “Bestevaer 2” and the recently completed Bestevaer 55ST “Albatros”, but it truly stands out for its interior. The...

K&M Yachtbuilders STADTSHIP 47
cruising sailboat (custom-made, aluminum) STADTSHIP 47 - 14,40m    47' 3" K&M Yachtbuilders

The customer was looking for an efficient blue-water cruiser with a variable draught...

K&M Yachtbuilders KOOPMANS 45
cruising sailboat (aluminum) KOOPMANS 45 - 13,80m    45' 3" K&M Yachtbuilders

This Koopmans Concord 45 is the perfect ocean going yacht. She is in an excellent state, well maintained and equiped for long...

K&M Yachtbuilders KOOPMANS 43
cruising sailboat (aluminum) KOOPMANS 43 - 13,30m    43' 8" K&M Yachtbuilders

The yacht has been used for trips to Caribbean, Brazil, Cuba, US, France, UK, Portugal, Madeira, Azores, and...

K&M Yachtbuilders ICON 48
cruising sailboat (custom-made, aluminum) ICON 48 - 14,65m    48' 1" K&M Yachtbuilders

The owner, a Dutch entrepreneur, had his ship designed by Kees van de Stadt from Satellite Yacht Design according to his own wishes and requirements. With the drawings in his hands he started looking...

1 products CNA YACHTING
1 products Kanter Yachts
Kanter Yachts KANTER 47
cruising sailboat (aluminum) KANTER 47 - 14,38m    47' 2" Kanter Yachts

Designed to exude a traditional sense of style, The Kanter 47 captures the true essence of performance, safety and comfort expected by discerning yachting enthusiasts around the world. Thanks to its...

2 products Morozov Yachts
Morozov Yachts MT-37
sailboat : cruising motorsailer (aluminum) MT-37 - 12,80m    42' 0" Morozov Yachts

L hull 11.2 m, LOA 12.8 m, beam 3.5 m, draft 1.6 m, fuel 400 l., water 200 l., main 24 sq.m., mizen 9 sq.m., genoa 30 sq.m., diesel Caterpillar 86 h.p., motoring speed 9 knots . Classic motorsailer MT-37...

Morozov Yachts MOROZOV-30
sailboat : cruising motorsailer (aluminum) MOROZOV-30 - 9,14m    30' 0" Morozov Yachts

L hull 9.2 m (30 ft), LOA 11.7 m, beam 3.3 m, draft 1.07/1.7 m, fuel 170 l., water 170 l., diesel...

Alumarine Shipyard ELLYA 43
cruising sailboat (aluminum) ELLYA 43 - 13,50m    44' 3" Alumarine Shipyard

The Ellya 43 is a long distance cruising aluminum monohull. This 13-meter sailing yacht was designed specially to offer peace of mind to...

MANDL - Living on Water, Ltd. M&L 30 S
cruising sailboat (aluminum, 2 cabins) M&L 30 S - 9m    29' 6" MANDL - Living on Water, Ltd.

M&L 30 S is a modern sailing-yacht with round-bilge hull made of aluminium...

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