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flybridge motor yacht - Ferretti Yachts 650

Ferretti Yachts 650 is the first in a series of models that are bound to set a new functional and technical standard for the Yachts product line below 70 feet in length. Developed thanks to the cooperation between the Product Strategy Committee, Ferretti Groups Marketing Department, AYT&D - Advanced Yachts Technology & Design, and Studio Zuccon International Project, the project draws...

flybridge motor yacht / 3 cabins - Ferretti Yachts 550


The brand announced the birth of the new model, which will make its debut next spring. The Ferretti Yachts 550 is a very innovative and strategic project, ready to charm all international markets.

The Ferretti Yachts 550 is the...

composite motor yacht / semi-displacement hull - Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28

The Navetta 28 is recognisable from the unmistakable exterior profile and the panoramic dining area with round glass sliding doors which allow for great flexibility in the use of the upper deck. The large sunbathing area is a comfortable private deck, which on request can be fitted with a Jacuzzi tub and awning. On the main deck, a continuous window goes from stern to bow, while below deck there are...

flybridge motor yacht / planing hull / semi-custom - Ferretti Yachts 960

Ferretti 960 is the largest planing pleasure boat ever built by Ferretti Group. The flagship of the brand results from the collaboration between Studio Zuccon International Project, Ferretti Group Engineering, the team of engineers and architects of the Group, and AYTD (Advanced Yacht Technology & Design), the research center of the Group. With its 29.20 meters of length overall and 23.98...

flybridge motor yacht - Ferretti Yachts 870

Ferretti 870, in its roll bar standard version, or with hard top as an option, was presented to the Cannes Boat Show in 2012. This model results from the collaboration between Studio Zuccon International Project, Ferretti Group Engineering, the team of engineers and architects of the Group, and AYTD (Advanced Yacht Technology & Design), the research center of the Group. It features both the bronze...

hard-top motor yacht / high-performance - PERSHING 70

Pershing, a Ferretti Group brand and one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of high-performance open motor yachts between 15 and 35 metres in length, is about to launch its new 70-footer, which will be making its international debut at the next Cannes Yachting Festival, from...

flybridge motor yacht - PERSHING 92

Pershing 92’, created by the designer Fulvio De Simoni together with the fundamental support of the technical staff of Pershing and the close collaboration with the AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology & Design centre) of Ferretti Group, is characterized by its slim and aggressive external profile with tight lines that permit the enlargement of the internal volume, creating more room especially...

hard-top motor yacht / sport - PERSHING 82

Confirming the brand’s great challenge to develop large-size vessels without sacrificing sportiness and speed distinguishing the sailing of every Pershing yacht: that’s the spirit of the new Pershing 82’, a contemporary reinterpretation of its successful predecessor, Pershing 80’. 23.99 metres long and 5.50 wide, the latest model designed by Fulvio De Simoni in collaboration...

flybridge motor yacht - PERSHING 74

Pershing 74’, contemporary restyling of the famous Pershing 72’, is penciled by Fulvio De Simoni in collaboration with AYT.
22.66 metres long and 5.50 metres wide, Pershing 74’ is able to reach a maximum speed of 45 knots, while maintaining a high level of comfort.
This model features an external profile that is more sleeker than that of its...

hard-top motor yacht / sport - PERSHING 64

“To surprise the future”, is the concept that has guided the creation of the shipyard’s challenge, the Pershing 64’. A great example of Pershing design and technology with all the space and luxury of a fly bridge yacht combined with aggressive open yacht contours and sports style performance. It has a modern, sleek design emphasized by single-stretch side windows and a...

open motor yacht - 88' FLORIDA

Spiritual successor of the Riva Bahamas, 88 Florida is a revolutionary yacht which perfectly blends an open and a coupé model into one single vessel. The hull # 1 will be completed and launched by the end of 2014, with its official world première scheduled in the first months of 2015. The 88 Florida features a cutting-edge innovation with an exclusive Ferretti Group patent installed...

open motor yacht - RIVALE

Of the various members of the Riva family, this is the yacht whose character, as indeed its name suggests, is both strong and gritty. It is not only a matter of name, however. Indeed, Rivale’s unique, sharp line has a smart, welcoming heart, created from refined...

open motor yacht - 63' VIRTUS

Riva, iconic Ferretti Group brand, announces the birth of the new flagship of their open line, featuring racy exteriors with a strong personality: Riva 63' Virtus, is the largest open yacht produced by the shipyard, characterised by an unmistakable style and a distinctly Mediterranean character.

The new Riva 63' Virtus is the product...

hard-top motor yacht - 63' VERTIGO

Elegance, harmony, style. These three terms are certainly the best to describe the 63’ Vertigo, a very performing, highly technological yacht that has taken up the challenge of reinterpreting...

hard-top motor yacht / sport - 68' EGO SUPER

On the 68' Ego Super harmonious shapes and skillfully balanced volumes combine with an in-depth, accurate analysis...

open motor yacht - 75

Sleek styling, exceptional performance and superior comfort: the unmistakeably sporty profile of this vessel oozes unrivalled technology, liveability and class. Created for true open yachting enthusiasts. The perfect blend of class, technology and extraordinary liveability, the flagship of the Itama fleet offers open-air yachting enthusiasts unprecedented space: from the elegant and generously-sized...

open motor yacht - 62

The new addition to the fleet, created to provide the utmost sense of freedom and independence, is a reinterpretation of the celebrated Itama FiftyFive, one of the brands most popular models. In its standard version the Itama 62 is powered by twin 1360 hp MAN V10 engines, capable of achieving a top speed of 40 knots. Contemporary design, bright interiors and optimal use of space are the innovative...

downeast motor yacht / flybridge - DOLPHIN 74' CRUISER

The Dolphin 74’ Cruiser is the brand's flagship for a demanding clientèle seeking the top in terms of seaworthiness,...

downeast motor yacht / flybridge - DOLPHIN 64' CRUISER

The Dolphin 64’ Cruiser is the boatyard's most recent model, penned by Brunello Acampora of Studio Victory Design. It matches the harmonious, high performing shape of the hull with typical nautical taste in interiors, with the classic Dolphin teak combined...

downeast motor yacht - DOLPHIN 54'

The Dolphin 54’ is offered in a warm yellow colour in sun top or flybridge version for those looking for more direct, harmonious contact with nature. Intelligent reorganisation of its layout means the Dolphin 54’ (16 metres) offers all the light and comfort of a much larger yacht. Its exterior...

downeast motor yacht / flybridge - DOLPHIN 54' FLY

Dolphin 54’ Fly is the solution – as comfortable as it is practical –for all yacht enthusiasts who like to cruise in the...

hard-top motor yacht / IPS POD - 5800 SOVRAN

Featuring an open and flowing tri-level interior our flagship 5800 Sovran elevates the at-sea experience to new heights. The upper level includes the helm station and main salon, the mid-level...

hard-top motor yacht - TIARA 50 COUPE


The all new Tiara 50 will be powered by twin Volvo IPSII 950 with Joystick Plus control. The technologically advanced Volvo IPS power plants are matched to a successful ocean proven...

flybridge motor yacht / high-performance - 28

Daring and dramatic. The Sunseeker 28 Metre Yacht will not only thrill but also inspire. Spacious, elegant and practical, the interior is superbly attractive and benefits from exquisite...

flybridge motor yacht / displacement - 88

The epitome of style, a leader in performance. The Sunseeker 88 Yacht was tailor made for fun. Your own private playground, up to eight guests can relax, dine and unwind...

flybridge motor yacht - 86

A seductive combination of style and exclusivity, the 86 Yacht delivers on all fronts. From bow to stern, every detail has been crafted to perfection. Inside, the main saloon is a large welcoming...

flybridge motor yacht - 80

As graceful as it is powerful, the Sunseeker 80 Yacht knows no boundaries. Designed to be admired from every angle, you’ll attract more than your fair share of envious...

flybridge motor yacht - 75

A fusion of style and sophistication, the Sunseeker 75 Yacht will never fail to disappoint. Over three spacious decks, both modern and classic design blend harmoniously to exceed even the...

flybridge motor yacht / 4 cabins - FB 50

All the appeal of an Azimut in 15 metres.

The Azimut 50 launches next month and this new 15-metre member of the Azimut Yachts Flybridge collection will make its world debut at the 2014 September and October boat shows. Spatially the boat is quite impressive. The design details are inspired by this season's best seller, the Azimut 80, a clear indication that the Azimut Yachts collection...

flybridge motor yacht / hard-top / 6 cabins - 77S

Innovation for beauty's sake

Four boats sold in pre-launch: the Azimut 77S seems to have already taken the road to success in the wake of his younger brother Azimut 55S, the best-selling of which, two years after the launch, were produced as many as 40 units. The...

hard-top motor yacht / sport / 2 or 3 cabins - ATLANTIS 50

With the arrival of the Azimut Atlantis 50 Open, the options for cruising enjoyment have just doubled. The Azimut Atlantis 50 Coupè has been available since last autumn and the new Open version debuts at boat shows starting September 2014. Same quality and performance to meet the needs of those who wish to enjoy the sea with different...

flybridge motor yacht / 4 cabins - 54

Liveability and style have a new name.

THE DESIRE FOR BALANCE between the elegance of the external lines and the need to build structures suitable for extending total comfort...

flybridge motor yacht / 4 cabins - 60

Design and volume, serviceable solutions to suit the need for comfort, the desire for open spaces and the need for light: all together in the perfect equilibrium of a 20-metre yacht where owner and guests can move freely, in an oasis of privacy.

Azimut Yachts materials have been designed...

hard-top motor yacht - M 38 HT

Length - overall approx. 11,61 m 38 ft 1 in
Length - hull approx. 9,96 m 32 ft 8 in
Length - waterline approx. 8,20 m 26 ft 9 in
Beam - max (inc....

hard-top motor yacht - 54 HT

Length - overall approx. 17,20 m 56 ft 5 in
Length - hull approx. 15,30 m 50 ft 2 in

hard-top motor yacht - SIXTY 4 HT YACHT CLASS

Length - overall approx. 20,85 m 68 ft 4 in
Length - hull approx. 18,65 m 61 ft 2 in
Beam max approx. 5,10 m 16 ft 8 in
Draft (incl.props) approx. 1,60 m 5 ft 25 in
Height above...

hard-top motor yacht - FIFTY 8 HT YACHT CLASS

Length overall approx. 18,52 m 60 ft 8 in
Length hull approx. 16,59 m 54 ft 4 in
Beam max approx. 4,85 m 15 ft 10 in
Draft (incl.props) approx. 1,31 m 4 ft 3 in
Height above waterline...

hard-top motor yacht - FIFTY 6 YACHT CLASS

Length - overall approx. 18,52 m 60 ft 8 in
Length - hull approx. 16,59 m 54 ft 4 in
Beam max approx. 4,85 m 15 ft 10 in
Draft (incl.props) approx. 1,30 m 4 ft 3 in

trawler motor yacht / flybridge - 55 ALEUTIAN RP

The all-new 55 Aleutian RP follows in the steps of the acclaimed 53 Aleutian RP, but provides additional room and luxury. Standard layouts include...

trawler motor yacht / flybridge - 65 ALEUTIAN RP

The original model that launched the Aleutian Series has been redesigned, refreshed and restyled.

New interior layouts provide more and better...

trawler motor yacht / hard-top - 50 EASTBAY SX/FB

With pod drive propulsion, joystick handling, inspired layout options and many more enhancements, the 50 Eastbay holds a long list of innovations...

trawler motor yacht / flybridge - 53 ALEUTIAN RP

Smaller in size but with the same powerful presence you expect from the series, the 53RP is capable of supporting a cruising couple or family on...

trawler motor yacht / flybridge - 59 ALEUTIAN RP

Performance and luxury, form and function come together in perfect harmony aboard the 59 Aleutian RP. With a modified deep-V hull and power options up to twin 1,100 hp diesels, the...

downeast motor yacht / classic / flybridge / planing hull - 82 CRUISER

The new 82 Cruiser epitomizes the three values upon which Vicem rests: A classic look of timeless design, unmatched craftsmanship with a commitment to total customization and the cold molded method of construction. This fine yacht has...

downeast motor yacht / classic / IPS POD / planing hull - 59 BAHAMA BAY

The Vicem 59 Bahama Bay merges our classic Down East styling with latest cutting edge technologies of Volvo IPS engines. Designer on two continents have worked closely together to produce a unique and seamless marriage of both form and function....

downeast motor yacht / classic / flybridge / cruising - 80

The latest Flagship of the Classic line, the Vicem 80 Flybridge was designed to be an uncompromising...

downeast motor yacht / classic / flybridge - 77

The best selling Vicem 77 Classic floats at the top of her yachting class. The hit of every boat show, she has graced the covers of all...

downeast motor yacht / flybridge - 71

The Vicem 71 is the yacht our owners asked us to build a swift, wider beam vessel that...

catamaran luxury motor-yacht / semi-custom - 90 POWER

The new 90 Sunreef Power is a truly revolutionary concept of a power superyacht, another milestone in the luxury catamaran design.

The main idea of the concept is to stress the superb space that catamarans offer thanks to their large beam and to arrange this space in the similar way as on motoryachts....

catamaran luxury motor-yacht / semi-custom - 60 POWER

The 60 Sunreef Power was made in response to the growing demand for compact yet highly impressive powerboats. This yacht has all the features of the popular 70 Sunreef Power, except its 27.8 ft / 8.5 m beam that makes it more convenient for crowded marinas, especially in the Mediterranean.

The first unit of the 60 Sunreef...

catamaran luxury motor-yacht / semi-custom - 70 POWER

Launched in 2008, the 70 Sunreef Power is the first motor yacht from the Sunreef power range. The yacht's elegant topside, extended interior and exterior space along with its stability, safety, long cruising range with low fuel consumption maintained makes it...

catamaran luxury motor-yacht / with enclosed flybridge / sport-fishing - 75 SPORTFISH

The 75 Sunreef Sportfish is a new version of one of the most popular models from the Sunreef Yachts range – the 70 Sunreef Power. It is the biggest luxury catamaran-yacht available in the fishing version in the world. The boat is designed...

flybridge motor yacht - 64 FLY

Apreamare 64" fly is the formal development of the original Gozzo Sorrentino. The outdoor areas are defined as essential and elegant. In the area of ​​the bow there is the well-known U-shaped sofa, while the stern area, the key point of the project due to its pronounced geometry, blends perfectly with...

classic luxury motor-yacht / hard-top - 64

Apreamare 64' is a boat ready to satisfy the needs of the most demanding sailors who love classic and sporty craft.

The great enthusiasm shown for the Apreamare 60" and the desire to give a follow up to the many requests received, led to a formal...

flybridge motor yacht - MAESTRO 82

The luxurious Maestro 82" is the flagship of the line and of the entire fleet and it was launched in 2008. True to the philosophy that for 150 years characterizes her work, the...

flybridge motor yacht - MAESTRO 66

After five years of great success, Maestro 65", a model that had opened the whole line, evolves in his form and his lay-out, giving rise to a new motor-yacht: Maestro 66".


flybridge motor yacht - MAESTRO 56

The project of Maestro 56', launched in 2011 in collaboration with the Zuccon International Project for the interior and exterior design and with Marine Design & Service of Umberto Tagliavini for...

hard-top motor yacht - 53 OPEN

Technical sheet
Standard: MAN R6 800
Optional: 2X VOLVO IPS 600_D6 435 CV
Maximun speed: 36 Kn.
Cruising speed: 25 Kn.

hard-top motor yacht - 55 OPEN CRUISER

Technical sheet
Standard: MAN R6 800
Optional: 2X VOLVO IPS 600_D6 435 CV
Maximun speed: 36 Kn.
Cruising speed: 25 Kn.

hard-top motor yacht / semi-custom - 67 OPEN

Technical sheet
Standard: 2 x MAN V12 1360 CV
Optional: 2 x MAN V12 1360 CV + SDS
Maximun speed: 32 Kn.
Cruising speed: 25 Kn.

flybridge motor yacht - 55 FLY

Technical sheet
Standard: 2 X MAN R6 800
Optional: 2 X volvo D-13 800 CV
Maximun speed: 34 Kn.
Cruising speed: 25 Kn.

flybridge motor yacht / semi-custom - 62 FLY

Technical sheet
Standard: 2 X MAN V8-900CR
Maximun speed: 33 Kn.
Cruising speed: 25 Kn.
At cruising speed: 230 M.N.

displacement hull motor yacht / semi-custom - DELFINO 93'

Length Overall (LOA): 28.50 MT
Maximum Beam: 7.03 MT

luxury motor-yacht with enclosed flybridge / sport-fishing - 80

Like every Bertram, the 80 loves to fish and She's fully rigged to go after whatever you feel like catching....

convertible luxury motor-yacht / sport-fishing - 70

The Bertram 70 is today's sportfishing benchmark. One look at Her classic lines,...

convertible luxury motor-yacht / sport-fishing - 64

Perhaps more than any other Bertram, this one is born and bred for die-hard fishing enthusiasts. The 64...

sport-fishing luxury motor-yacht - 54

When the first The Bertram 54 was introduced years ago, it changed...

flybridge motor yacht / semi-custom - LADY PAT

LADY PAT has a simple, clean and contemporary motif. A custom-built sofa and loveseat...

motor yacht with enclosed flybridge / semi-custom - BEST N SHOW

BEST N SHOW uses a luxurious combination of exotic interior veneers...

flybridge motor yacht / semi-custom - WIMIL

WIMIL’S interior is exemplified by the salon’s beamed ceiling and its recessed paneling...

flybridge motor yacht / semi-custom - LADY LARSA

LADY LARSA’S interior can be described as classic contemporary with traditional accents. Using...

flybridge motor yacht / semi-custom - JUBILEE


Length Overall 83' 06" (25.3m)
Beam 20' 06'' (6.2m)
Draft (Full Load) 5' 06'' (1.7m)
Gross Tonnage 129...

hard-top motor yacht / IPS POD / sport - TARGA 48 GT

Welcome to a truly wonderful open-to-the-skies experience, where you can choose to invite in the warmth and sociability of your environment, with one elegant sweep of your electric hardtop.

Look beyond the exciting, sun-appreciating nature of this sports cruiser and you will find...

hard-top motor yacht / sport / 2 or 3 cabins - TARGA 50GT

This express cruiser was built on the principles of no compromise. To offer accommodation of such proportions within a 50 foot hull was a testing challenge for our design team.


hard-top motor yacht / sport - TARGA 62 GT

At first glance, there’s no doubting that this is a powerful sports cruiser with striking good looks. But...

hard-top motor yacht / sport / 4 cabins - TARGA 75 GT

A product of Fairline’s industry-leading production systems, this spectacular Targa promises to be lighter and more thrilling on the water than any other boat in its class – a true celebration of our relentless pursuit of excellence in design and engineering.

The result is a sports cruiser that...

flybridge motor yacht - SQUADRON 48

This Squadron is another example of Fairline’s relentless pursuit of design excellence. Where a host of innovative touches are so elegantly applied, allowing you to enjoy pure luxury in an effortless and relaxed manner.

The expansive flybridge, for instance,...

flybridge motor yacht / wheelhouse - LA MASQUERADE

La Masquerade’s smooth lines and modern profile create a powerful sense of speed....

flybridge motor yacht / sport-fishing - PATRICIA

This 21.48m Sports Fisherman was ordered on the spot by the owner...

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